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10 Best YouTube Beauty Gurus

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Kiyana has been an online writer for several years and especially enjoys writing about beauty, fashion, and celebrities.

Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel

1. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel is one of the most popular Youtube beauty gurus out there today. Bybel started up her Internet fame back in June of 2011 when she created her channel that used to be known as "CarliBel55" but is now just Carli Bybel. She's stacked up a total of 6.13 million subscribers on YouTube. Her number of subscribers grows every day.

Bybel has earned a lot of opportunities with the growth of her channel. The YouTube star launched her own eyeshadow palette back in 2015 with BH Cosmetics. Later the following year, it became available at Ulta Beauty as well. In 2016, Bybel joined forces with the fashion website Missguided and ran her limited edition clothing line.


2. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero is another huge beauty guru everybody loves. She currently has 2.78 million subscribers on her channel. Her first video dates way back to 2010 when most of her videos were drugstore makeup-related. With the fame of her YouTube channel, she had been awarded Ryan Seacrest's Best Beauty Guru in 2013.

Guerriero has her own website which is called Best Damn Beauty, where she has products available such as oils, cleansers, lip masks, and more. She also teamed up with Bellami hair. The Bellami website has the Nicole Guerriero Gold kit, which provides all your hair styling needs such as a blow dryer, hair straightener, and curling wand. She came out with her own highlighter palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills.


3. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most well known beauty gurus who used to be known on YouTube as "JaclynHill1." The YouTuber has 5.68 million subscribers on her channel. She started making videos back in 2011.

Hill teamed up with Becca Cosmetics to make a highlighter kit which was named Champagne Pop; the release of the highlighter was a huge hit. She has also teamed up with Morphe Cosmetics where she has had a line of brushes. She has released her own eyeshadow palette with the company.


4. Nikkie De Jager - "NikkieTutorials"

Nikkie De Jager, who is most known for her YouTube name "NikkieTutorials," started her channel way back in 2008. The YouTube star has a whopping total of 13.9 million subscribers on her channel to date.

Jager has gotten the opportunity to team up with the makeup brand Too Faced. With this company, she has released a highlighter with the option of six different colors. She has also released a liquid liner, a primer, mascara, and let's not forget the best one of her eyeshadow palettes labeled The Power of Makeup!


5. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star started to build their career through Myspace back in 2006. Through Myspace, he promoted not only his makeup and fashion career but his music as well. He is a very big deal in the makeup community with 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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Star is known for his huge makeup line, which you can check out on his website Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He has a variety of makeup on his website, such as his matte lipstick selection. Star also has two eyeshadow palettes and a wide selection of highlighters. Not only does he have makeup, but he has also released a fashion line on his website.


6. Lauren Curtis

The Australian YouTube star Lauren Curtis currently has 3.36 million subscribers on her channel. She had started her channel back in August of 2011. Curtis started off going by the YouTube name "LaurenBeautyy." She is now on YouYube as just Lauren Curtis.

Curtis teamed up with YouTube on the campaign called "Make Up Your Own Rules," which encourages people around the world to accept who they are and build confidence in themselves.


7. Danielle Mansutti

Originally from the UK but raised in Australia, YouTube star Danielle Mansutti currently has a total of 1.6 million subscribers on her channel. Mansutti first created her channel back in January 2011. She first got her popularity back when she was "tumblr famous."

Mansutti has her own website called "DaniBeauty" where she sells her own line of fake lashes, phone cases, and clothing.


8. Liza Milano - "Coco Lili"

This French Youtube star who goes by the name "Coco Lili" has managed to get 545,000 subscribers on her channel. Milano first started off on YouTube back in November of 2011. She also has a second channel, "Coco Lili French," where she does videos in French.

Milano has teamed up with the website l’Aurore Paris to make her own scented candles back in 2016. The YouTuber also runs her own website called Beauty-Addicts, where she posts about all things beauty and fitness.


9. Laura Lee

YouTube star Laura Lee currently has 4.58 million subscribers on her channel. When she first joined the world of YouTube, the name of her channel was "Laura88Lee," which has now changed to just Laura Lee. She first grabbed everyone's attention through her Instagram account back in 2012 when she posted photos of her makeup. She ended up getting so many requests on tutorials that she went ahead and made a YouTube account the following year in March 2013.

Lee has collabed wih the makeup company Violet Voss with her own eyeshadow palette She has also teamed up with MAC cosmetics for a lipstick line.


10. Nicol Concilio

Nicol Concilio first started her YouTube channel back in September 2008. When she first became apart of YouTube, her name was "NicoleConx3." She is now currently just Nicol Concilio. Her channel is currently standing at 833,000 subscribers, but she has millions of followers on her Instagram.

The star has been nominated for YouTube Artist Of The Month three times by Star Central Magazine. Concilio has her own lipstick collection on the website LIPLAND. She has also teamed up with the famous makeup brand Tarte Cosmetics with a line of makeup brushes.

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