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A Review of 2 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

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Tawny is an enthusiastic makeup and lipstick consumer and is excited to share her thoughts and findings about her experiments and products.

Dazzle and Harmony Velvets

Dazzle and Harmony Velvets

The Beginning of Something Wonderful

If you’re reading this, you’re either really bored or actually care about makeup enough to read about it instead of using it. But I can’t lie, I do the same thing. When Kylie Jenner first announced that she was starting a lip kit line, I really didn’t care too much. I wasn’t much of a makeup wearer, especially higher-end makeup. It was too expensive, and I didn’t have anywhere to wear it. But then I got a job as a server, so I figured I’d liven up my face a bit, so I eventually worked my way up to Kylie’s lip kits!

My first order was in 2017, and there was a sale, so I could get two kits, free shipping, and a free lip liner and a gloss for $54. It seemed like a good deal if I could use it for work and not look like my lips were the same color as my chin. So I looked around a lot and debated if I should get velvets (which was a new formula at the time) or mattes (which started the company), but I liked the colors in the velvets better, so I went with Dazzle and Harmony velvet lip kits. The velvets were also $2 cheaper than the mattes. But I also got the lip liner Kristen and the gloss Candy K for free as part of the special.

The Packaging

When I got them about a week later, I loved how they come in a pale pink box. But me being a slightly older millennial, I wasn’t over-the-top impressed, I just thought it was cute. But inside the box, they put a piece of flexible foam wrapped around the boxes as protective packaging. They also include a “handwritten” note from Kylie thanking me for my order, which is a nice touch. I wish I had her handwriting.

Lip Liners

The products themselves are really quite nice though. The lip liner is really creamy and pigmented for a lip liner. Most others that I’ve used are mainly just to keep regular lipstick in place (“regular” being “non-liquid” or “bullet” lipstick). I feel like if my lips were naturally a tiny bit plumper, I would wear them all on their own, the colors look that good! And they’re encased in a black, soft plastic wood that is really easy to sharpen, and sturdy enough to use like a crayon or colored pencil.

What I’ve come to learn about Kylie Cosmetics is that the liquid lipsticks and glosses smell like vanilla! That’s actually one way you know you’re getting a genuine product as well. A lot of dupes or fakes will not smell exactly like what the original, genuine lipsticks do, so just be wary of that.

The Actual Lipsticks

Kylie’s velvet liquid lipsticks are quite amazing. They have high pigmentation, smell like vanilla, and just feel really nice on the lips.

Moisturizing, Pigmented Color

They feel like blotting a regular crème lipstick but add a slightly moisturizing feeling while still delivering full impact color. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing your lips together upon application though, just pressing your lips together a few times to even out the tone is fine.

Lasts Long

And I was impressed by how long the color lasted and looked like I had just applied it. After working an eight-hour bartending shift, my lips were still the perfect shade as when I had first applied and not a bit out of line! That’s what I’ve come to expect with Kylie’s products, and she meets and raises the bar with every order.

Velvet vs. Matte

A lot of first-time buyers of the velvets don’t realize that “velvet” doesn’t mean “smudge-proof” or “kiss-proof” like the mattes are, so use a bit of caution when using velvets. For me, lipstick is the last thing I apply before I leave the house so all my hair and clothes are done and ready so I won’t smear my lipstick across my face or clothes.

However, the velvets are advertised as “a creamy matte look that does not dry down,” so that should be able to inform the general public that it’s not a matte. But I guess not everyone reads into things as literally as I do, and sometimes that’s for the best. Still, the description accurately details how it looks and feels: matte look, but doesn’t dry down.

Note on Adding Gloss

I’ll add that if you want to add a gloss on top of a velvet, you may want to try layering a gloss over a matte because the velvet pretty much won’t allow you to do that so easily.

The Colors Harmony and Dazzle

Harmony is described as a “warm mid-tone pink” and it’s a pretty shade for everyday wear.

The brand is discontinuing Dazzle, which is sad, it’s such a pretty color, but I’m glad I got it when I did! It’s described as a “warm terracotta.” I’ve recently grown to love the “terracotta” family of lipstick shades, I love how they look somewhat retro '90s with a slight earth tone that's rosy at the same time. However, this particular shade isn’t exactly what I would say is “warm terracotta” in real life. The picture of it on the website looks like that, but in reality, it looks very similar to Harmony.

I Love These Lipsticks!

Needless to say that ever since my first Kylie Cosmetics purchase, I have made several more. Whenever I get an email announcing a new product or shades or formulas, I get a little tinge of excitement and check my bank account to prepare for it.

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