Review of the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Updated on October 24, 2016

What Is It?

Bye Bye Under Eye is a concealer used for under your eyes (as the product name eludes to) for those who get dark circles. I have been using this product for close to six months and I can definitely see a difference.

How Is It Different?

This product does so much with using so little. First of all, for many of us, we look for something that is waterproof. We don't want our makeup running or moving during the day, no matter what we are doing. This why this product is so fantastic. It is completely waterproof, and I have tested this fact.

It also hydrates skin as well. I know, speaking for myself, my face in general can get dry, especially during the winter, but under my eyes gets worse just because rubbing the skin. So having a concealer that hydrates is such a great thing.

Also, while wearing it, it doesn't feel heavy. I have tried other concealers, and I feel like I am almost wearing paint. It is so heavy and my face can't breathe. Then my face starts breaking out and I have to use more concealer and it seems like a never ending cycle.

As you can see above, there is definitely a difference between using it and not.


I love this product! I don't get near as much sleep as I should. Therefore, I have dark circles under my eyes. This product really helps conceal them! I'll definitely keep this product in my daily routine for a long time.

I use this product daily. I don't get much sleep as I'm a college student and work to job's. This concealer makes me look like if I got a full 8 hours of sleep! Totally going to re-purchase once I run out.

How Does This Product Differ In Price?

Bye Bye Under Eye
It Cosmetics
High Definition Photo Concealer
Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Concealer

As you can see from the table above, Bye Bye Under Eye is in the middle, price wise, between other well known brands.

I know, in my experience, I have had this product for 6 months, and I still have the same tube. This product lasts a long time. I do makeup almost everyday, and my first tube is still going strong.

So if you are thinking that $10 is a lot of money, just think of it for the long term. You could pay $10 up front and have it last for a long time, or you can continuously bye refills.

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