5 Eye and Brow Makeup Hacks

Updated on April 25, 2017
Spritz Eyebrows With Hairspray For All Day Perfection
Spritz Eyebrows With Hairspray For All Day Perfection | Source

Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Of all the life-changing makeup tips and tricks you need to know, these are the best eye and brow makeup hacks to save time and money. Start your day the easy way.

1. Hold Your Brows in Place

Brow pomades and waxes can be expensive, but there are sensible alternatives that are inexpensive and probably already in your cosmetics and hair product stash. Set aside your brow wax and reach for your brow brush. Lightly spritz some hair spray onto the tip and brush your brows into place as usual. This is a handy go-to eyebrow tip, because any brand and price range hair spray will suffice. No bold hold hairspray is necessary.

2. Try Travel Size Beauty Products

If you purchase your cosmetics in a large supermarket or retail store, you will also find a wonderful supply of travel sized beauty products. Grab a travel size can of hairspray, or better yet for the price of usually around $1.00 to $2.00, grab two or three and put one in each of your handbags ready to go. If you shop in a pharmacy, look near the register where these travel sized products are generally kept for those of us who tend to fall into the impulse buying trap. Likewise, you will generally find an array of quick-grab beauty items as you wait in line at your favorite dollar store.

If you have problems shaping and filling sparse eyebrows, this tutorial below is quick and simple to follow. Like most things, filling one’s brows can be tricky if is has not been necessary for you in the past. Take time to practice, and be sure to do so in good light. Remember, less is more, at least until you are accustomed to seeing your eyebrows fuller than usual.

Fill Your Brows The Easy Way

3. Eyebrows Too Dark?

It has been my own experience that filling black eyebrows can be problematic when using black brow pencil. Perhaps it’s a personal preference, but a perfect match of black eyebrow pencil and black eyebrows does not always yield a visually perfect result.

Black eyebrow pencils tend to result in a harsher than necessary look. Similarly, if you have tried using a dark brown pencil on black brows you may have found the result to be more ginger red than you would prefer. A brown/black eyebrow pencil can be sufficient to remedy this problem but not 100% of the time, with the brown still showing as more red than one would prefer

The Perfect Eyebrow Solution

My solution was to head for a gray pencil, or the combination of gray brown. Remember you are defining eyebrows with the pencil, not harshly coloring in every sparse area. To my delight, I one day discovered an inexpensive alternative – a carpenter’s pencil. Yes, you read that correctly!

Please know that the standard gray lead pencils used for school and in carpentry/building, are not made from lead as one might be lead to believe. They are made from a substance known as graphite. Please also know this is a safe alternative and is secretly used by more makeup artists than you would expect. Also know that when you purchase a carpenter’s pencil for your brows, you will never, ever, run out of product. Purchase it once and you’ll be stocked with enough brow defining product than you will ever need. Cut one in half and share with your BFF.

In addition to being the perfect product for defining the eyebrows, used lightly on it’s side, you can ‘feather’ the strokes to do the whole brow without ending up with a sharp or frosty finish. Never use a heavy hand with a frosted product on your eyebrows.

Best Eyebrow Pencils
Best Eyebrow Pencils | Source

4. Eyeliner Disasters

Eyeliner pencils soften quickly in warmer weather, particularly when they’re kept in one’s handbag. While you’re home, store your eyeliner, brow, and other pencils in the freezer. Simply drop them into a Ziploc bag first and insert a colored piece of cloth or mark the bag so it doesn’t get lost in the cold shuffle. Your pencils will leave a much crisper line when you use them with cold product inside. There won't be any smudging, no mess, and just enough product, rather than too much, which can happen with a warm, soft eyeliner.

Ready to go out? Purchase a single bottle sized baby bottle carrier to drop your pencils (and mascara) in to protect them from fluctuating temperature as you carry them in your handbag. The temperature inside will be constant and your clothing and purses will be safe from mess. Like a pen, you know nothing will happen until you have cosmetics in your pockets or purse. Be prepared!

Cut a Dish Sponge Into Cubes - Save a Bundle!
Cut a Dish Sponge Into Cubes - Save a Bundle! | Source

5. Never Buy An Expensive Makeup Sponge Again!

Unless you have a preference for a particular brand of makeup sponge and applicators, grab a good old kitchen sponge and cut into small oblongs. Put one into each of your cosmetic purses, and keep a couple for the bathroom or dresser where you apply your makeup. As bad as the cost is for a sponge for merely washing dishes these days, the price pales in comparison to some of the name brand makeup sponges, blenders, and applicators. Now multiply by how many squares you have from one sponge and just know you’ve saved an absolute bundle!

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