Easy Nail Art Ideas And Tutorials

Updated on March 5, 2016

The first time I saw a nail art tutorial, I was absolutely mesmerized and had to try it for myself. I started off slow but my love for drawing drew me in and I stayed. Freehand drawing is my thing but I have used stampers, stickers and decals a few times. The following videos, I hope, will serve as an inspiration to your creative side.

Nail Art Supplies

Just about all of my art is done with only different colored nail polishes and a brush but there are a few where I have used stampers and plates and even figured out a cheaper and easier way to get things done. Here are some definitions.

Latex barrier: Latex liquid that is used to brush around the cuticles for a cleaner finish.

Peel off base: Don't spend a fortune on a peel off base. Make your own by using an old nail polish bottle. Add 3 parts Elmer's School Glue and one part water. Mix well and apply on nail. This is perfect if you are going to use glitter because, we all know that removing glitter polish is hellish. You can also use this in place of the latex barrier. Many people are allergic to latex anyway. This is a cheaper and nontoxic way of protecting your skin.

Makeup sponges: I use them specifically for the gradient manicures.

Saran Wrap: Bunch it up into a ball, dip in different colors of polish and you've got yourself an effortless masterpiece.

Stamp: It is a rubber tip that transfers an image from stamping plate onto your nail.

Stamping plate: Carved images that use a small amount of polish. Works just like a stamper.

Brushes: You can buy basic art brushes and trim them down as I did, or you can buy brushes online that are specifically designed for nail art.

Dotting tool: Used to apply dots.

100% Acetone: Nail polish remover just wont do the trick. Use Acetone instead for a perfect finish.

Other supplies in my stash include stickers, decals, gems, glitter etc.

PS: Please excuse the 'music'. I had too many issues with copyright infringement so I started using only one, approved tune... Sorry.

Bellow is an example of using the Saran Wrap. The nail art pen is Hot Designs that are available in beauty supply stores or online.

Love Wins Nail Art Tutorial

The video below is an easy way of drawing the Maple leaf.

Canadian Flag Nail Art Tutorial

The following is an example of achieving the gradient look with a makeup sponge. The brush is a painting brush that I significantly trimmed.

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

Next is a freehand design of a Cherry Blossom branch with a Damselfy.

Cherry Blossom Nail Art Design

A very popular design among the nail art community, galaxy mani is quick and easy and great for every occasion.

Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

Inspired by dottilism technique, this is a stunning and simple design.

Dottilism Inspired Nail Art Design

Freehand designs are unique and creative. Combine a few different colors for depth.

Black Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Black base and two tones of bright colors make this floral design pop.

Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Aztec Nail Art Tutorial

Stripes and Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Tropical Forest Nail Art Tutorial

Gradient Imprefection

Animated Elephants Nail Art Tutorial

Freehand Herringbone Nail Art Tutorial

Autumn Leaves Nail Art Tutorial

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Foggy Autumn Forest Design

Deer Nail Art Tutorial

Seahorse Nail Art Tutorial

Watermarble Nail Art Tutorial

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      • ElvisaM profile image

        Elvisa M 2 years ago from Saint Louis

        Thank you! There are a bunch more, easier ones. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNzVnyMhYf1glqkEo...

        I also posted a bunch of mini clips on Instagram Spoonfull88

      • Jasmeetk profile image

        Jasmeet Kaur 2 years ago from India

        Beautiful collection. Will try a few from your list. I love to do nail art and I tried several DIY nail art products. They are simply amazing especially water slide decals.


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