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How to Make Homemade Lip Gloss and Lip Balm

Elsie is a medical social worker who often writes about DIY beauty products in her spare time.

Make your own homemade lip gloss and lip balm and save time and money.

Make your own homemade lip gloss and lip balm and save time and money.

You Can Make Your Own Lip Gloss and Balm

You may be surprised to learn you can make homemade lip gloss and lip balm! It's very easy and inexpensive, too. The best part is how fun it is; I've made homemade lip balm (among other things) with my kids as part of a home salon birthday party. I've made cute labels for the sticks and lip balm bins and put them in homemade gift baskets and jars for friends.

The beautiful part is the recipes are quite forgiving. Since the final product can always be tweaked, there's almost no such thing as messing up. You can get creative, too. Some people like to color their Chapstick with a touch of colored lipstick or colored mineral powders. Others like to add a touch of flavor or sweetness. You can even add a bit of glamorous shimmer, should you so desire.

Some lip balm and lip gloss recipes are more complicated than others. So, I'm going to give you options from the very simple to the more complex. You can choose—they all work! Most of the easiest recipes will use products you already have around your house. So, you can get started today.

I will also present lip balm recipes for people with stubborn chapped lips.

Homemade lip gloss can be as easy as TWO ingredients!

Homemade lip gloss can be as easy as TWO ingredients!

Homemade Lip Gloss: The Quick and Easy Way!

Method 1

I can almost guarantee you have the two ingredients necessary for this simple lip gloss recipe! All you need is:

  • Vaseline
  • An old tube of lip stick or remains of eye shadow.

One of the best parts about this lip gloss is that it gives you a way to use up those pesky lipstick remnants you have to dig out of the bottom of the tube. It's amazing what you can find down there when you dig! Watch me making my lip gloss in the video above! Here are the directions in case you find the written method easier.


  1. All you do is take a large dollop of Vaseline onto a tablespoon.
  2. Make a hole in the center of the jelly to make a spot to place the eye shadow or lipstick.
  3. Shave eye shadow into the hole and mix, mix, mix!
  4. If you choose to use lipstick, you can simply cut some off your tube with scissors, or shave it off with a knife. I like to use old lipstick remnants, personally. It's a great way to use every drop of lipstick you own. I take the handle end of a small paintbrush or makeup applicator and dig out the lipstick. You don't HAVE to heat up the ingredients, but I find it's easier to mix them thoroughly this way. You can use a flat iron (like I did in the video), the double boiler method or a microwave. Stir thoroughly and enjoy!
The 3 base ingredients for natural homemade lip gloss!

The 3 base ingredients for natural homemade lip gloss!

More Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes

Method 2: Harder Method, But All Natural

  • 1/2 tsp. aloe vera gel
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 5 vitamin E drops
  • beet juice for coloring
  • coffee if you'd like to make it darker.

You can watch the video above to see me making this in action. Here are the directions if you prefer to be able to readily refer back to them.


  1. Mix the coconut oil, aloe vera gel and 5 drops of vitamin E together in a small container. Mix well!
  2. Add a few drops of beet juice via a dropper and stir. You can adjust how red the lip gloss will be by the amount of beet juice you add, it's up to you.
  3. I also like to add a few drops of coffee to darken it a bit.
Third lip gloss method uses almond oil, beeswax, honey and optional mica powders for color.

Third lip gloss method uses almond oil, beeswax, honey and optional mica powders for color.

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Grated beeswax

Grated beeswax

Place all of the ingredients EXCEPT the vitamin E oil in a glass Pyrex container.

Place all of the ingredients EXCEPT the vitamin E oil in a glass Pyrex container.

Adding the mica powder.

Adding the mica powder.

Final Product!

Final Product!

Grate the coconut oil first.

Grate the coconut oil first.

Stirring after the first burst in the microwave.

Stirring after the first burst in the microwave.

Adding the vitamin E oil.

Adding the vitamin E oil.

Giving it a final stir

Giving it a final stir

In container, but not yet congealed and hardened.

In container, but not yet congealed and hardened.

Finished!  And on my lips right now...  it feels and tastes great!

Finished! And on my lips right now... it feels and tastes great!

Method 3: With Beeswax

  • 1 tsp beeswax
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 2 tsp almond oil
  • 5 drops of vitamin E oil as a preservative
  • Eye shadow, lipstick, mica powder or cosmetic colorants for color. If you opt for colorants, make sure they're safe for skin- you can find them in craft stores in the soap-making supplies.


  1. Grate the beeswax into a fine consistency, basically it will look like grated cheese.
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of almond oil. Place in a glass Pyrex measuring cup. All your colorant of choice, just remember a little goes a long way.
  3. Heat all of the ingredients except the vitamin E oil in the microwave in the covered Pyrex container. You want to heat in short 15 second bursts.
  4. Stir in between each heating. It will be done when the beeswax is fully melted.
  5. Stir and immediately put in containers. It will have a glossy look and lovely honey taste!

Homemade Lip Balm for The Most Cracked, Chapped and Miserable Lips!

My kids get the absolute worst chapped lips in the winter. They have this awful tendency to lick them once they're chapped, which only makes matters worse. They'd begin to develop rashes on the skin just above their top lips from the saliva. I couldn't find a lip balm that could keep up with this vicious cycle. That was the beginning of my homemade Chapstick obsession. I experimented with numerous ingredients and proportions until I finally found one that broke the chapped lips cycle, if you will.

I read Emu oil (from the Australian Emu bird) is a great chapped lip protector and moisturizer. But, I'm completely against animal cruelty and the use of any animals in manufacturing cosmetics and creams. Some Emu oils claim to be cruelty-free, but I read they're now being factory farmed so that's a huge show stopper for me. It's up to you, but there are equally effective substitutes.

So, here's my bar-none best recipe for the driest. most cracked and chapped lips.


  • 4 tsp. olive oil- liquid oil
  • 2 tsp. almond oil- liquid oil
  • 2 1/4 tsp. cocoa butter- brittle/hard oil
  • 3 3/4 tsp. coconut oil- solid oil
  • 3 tsp. beeswax (make sure to get cosmetic grade)
  • 5 vitamin E capsules or 5 drops of Vitamin E oil for a preservative.

This will yield 15 tubes or containers of the world's best chapped lip balm! I swear by the stuff!


  1. Take all ingredients except the Vitamin E and place in a Pyrex cup.
  2. Place in microwave and heat in short 20 second bursts until all the oils and wax are melted. It takes about 80 seconds total.
  3. Add the Vitamin E drops or capsules. Just open up the capsules and dump the powder in. Stir very thoroughly.
  4. Immediately pour the solution into your containers using a pipette. You can also improvise a funnel by using a small paper cup. Just be very careful since the hot oils and wax are the perfect formula for a severe burn.
  5. Allow the solution to cool and coagulate.
  6. Place lids on the containers.

Depending upon your preference, you can adjust the consistency of the lip balm fairly easily. If it's too hard, you can add some more beeswax. If it's too soft, just add a little bit more olive oil.

Basic Proportions to Keep in Mind

I've calculated the total cost of the recipes is less than 50 cents per tin or tube. The Chapstick ingredients are all relatively easy to find, too. You will need a double boiler or an improvised one (just put a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water). I've recently turned to using a microwave, which is now my preferred method. I've dedicated a Pyrex measuring cup just for the purposes of this project since you'll be working with beeswax, a difficult to clean substance.

Before I get into the specific recipes, let me clue you in on a little proportion tip. This will allow you to use your own creativity, to make as much or as little as you want and to substitute ingredients that are easier to find in your area.

  • 40% of the total recipe should be a liquid oil. Examples are olive, almond, avocado, grape seed, sunflower, etc... My personal favorite is extra virgin olive oil for its extraordinary moisturizing ability.
  • 25% should be a "solid" oil, like shea butter, coconut oil, palm or lanolin.
  • 20% should be beeswax. You can use pellets or you can shave the beeswax yourself. Personally, I find the pellets to be easier to work with.
  • 15% should be "hard" or "brittle" oil, they are essentially solid at room temperature. Examples are cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, kokum butter, etc... A brittle oil will be difficult to extract from its container. Their consistency is reminiscent of a hard or semi-hard cheese.

Flavored Lip Balms

It may come as no surprise to you that my kids love bubblegum flavored lip balm. So, for Christmas last year I figured out how to make it. I will admit that my inner-child also enjoys this particular recipe...

  • 5 tsp. jojoba oil (or any of the oils I listed above)
  • 2 1/4 tsp. cocoa butter
  • 3 3/4 tsp. coconut oil
  • 3 tsp. beeswax
  • 1 tsp. bubble gum oil (no.. I'm not joking, it really exists!)
  • 5 vitamin E capsules or 5 drops of Vitamin E oil for a preservative

Follow the same directions as the ones above for chapped lips.

The coolest part about this recipe is your ability to tweak the flavor you want. All you need to do is change the type of flavored oil you put it. You can't even begin to imagine the different types of flavored oils they have these days, if you can imagine it, it exists. We've also done this recipe with strawberry oil, watermelon oil and peppermint oil. Just make sure to get the flavoring oil, not the scented oil! And make sure they're alcohol-free, especially for kids!

Alternatively you can add a teaspoon of your favorite powdered drink mix! Grape and punch are my kids favorites. If you do this, just add an additional teaspoon of jojoba oil.

A Note about the Containers and Tins

If I'm just making the lip balm for my family and don't need anything fancy, we just use empty Chapstick containers. We do wash them out thoroughly with liquid soap to make sure they're clean and sterile, of course.

You can also buy the tubes and they're super cheap!

If you're giving them as gifts, you can get a little fancier and buy the lip balm tins, pots or the plastic ointment jars. Elements Bath and Body has a nice selection.

You can also do custom labels if you have the time and inclination! Trust me, it's so much fun designing your own labels. Avery labels are fantastic for this purpose!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


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Thanks to everyone who's come to visit and left a comment. I really appreciate it!

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Xenonlit on January 03, 2012:

You really know what you're doing here. I like the vaseline and old lipstick method and will feel free to use it. I found some great tiny stacking storage containers at Michaels. Those will be great for holding multiple colors!

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Elsie Nelson (author) from Pacific Northwest, USA on January 03, 2012:

Thanks, livelonger. You should go for it, honestly it's a lot of fun. You can make some easy, personalized labels, too. And, the results are WAY better than what you buy in a drug store. I haven't purchased lip balm since I learned how to make my own.

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Elsie Nelson (author) from Pacific Northwest, USA on January 02, 2012:

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