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How and Where to get Free Makeup

Updated on July 13, 2017

Free Makeup Is Easy to Find

Some people love makeup and some people aren't so keen, but I think that there is one thing we can agree on, and that is that decent makeup is expensive. A good foundation can easily cost you £15, and if you wear it every day, that soon becomes an expensive habit! And that's just foundation. That doesn't include everything else that you might wear, like mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and whatever else you might put on.

But if you look in the right places, there are ways to get makeup for free on quite a regular basis!

Product Trials

Places like Opinion Outpost BzzAgent and Pinecone research are always working with major companies looking to test products on members of the public. And these companies often include makeup manufacturers. You get the chance to try a makeup product that is not even on sale yet, for free, and you will also be rewarded by the survey company with points that can be converted into cash! You are supposed to keep the products and results private, and you are unlikely to get invited to a trial if you have skin problems or allergies.

Free Sample Sites

Sites such as Free Samples UK or Magic Freebies offer you the chance to get free products every single day. They update the site daily and all you need to do is enter your details. You don't pay for postage and there are so many makeup sample freebies available you will be set for a while.

Store Counters

Beauty departments in big stores always have a large selection of free samples to entice customers into buying a product. They might not always advertise them, but they do have them there. Browse around the beauty department and strike up a conversation with one of the people that work there, talk about how you're looking for a new lipstick/foundation/mascara or whatever makeup you need and they should give you some samples to take home. Alternatively, you can have a free makeover whilst you are there and test the products in store.

Beauty Websites

Sites dedicated to makeup have a huge following and are often sponsored by big makeup brands. Sign up to their newsletters to see what giveaways they have, you will need to be quick though as they run out fast!

Brand Websites

They give away stuff all of the time, and the more sites you subscribe to, the more free makeup you could potentially get. They also have more items than the beauty sites so you are more likely to score a freebie here, but there's nothing to say you can't try your luck on both sites.

Avon Rep

Avon reps are given a load of free samples, they are supposed to give these out to customers to try to convince them to buy the full size products. But a lot of them keep them for themselves. Ask your Avon rep about free samples and they should give you some, but if not, they have either run out or kept them for themselves.


I once won £100 worth of L'Oreal products in a competition they were running, I had no idea until a big box of L'Oreal stuff landed on my doorstep. So people do win these things, if they're free to enter, what's the harm in trying?


Look for magazines at work or in the waiting room, they often have free foundation samples which might not go far, but it's still free makeup. Also, if the magazine is on offer and has a free gift, buy it if you like it. I once got a benefit mascara sample from a £1 magazine.

Free makeup isn't hard to come by, you won't often get full size products, but you can get a whole load of free samples!


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    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 2 months ago from UK

      Thanks Louise! I am too, I like being the first to try stuff, makes me feel a bit smug lol

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 2 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Oh that was handy to read. I'm always on the look out for free makeup! I'm a BZZ Agent and sometimes get sent some good stuff to try.