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How to Do Cute Punk Makeup (Girls)

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I enjoy giving makeup tips to people who are looking for a certain look.

Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie Sioux

Punk Dress-up

For Halloween or style, here are some fashion tips on how to do cute punk makeup.

When punk rock began in London during the mid-1970s, a whole level of alternative clothing began to sprout out of the blue. Over the decades, things have changed drastically and the punk look has morphed away from the cute and daringly unique to the snarling and morbid.

Not that it did not exist in the early days of punk, but punk girls tended to hold onto their femininity and wear creative makeup combined with well-crafted hairstyles.

To get the unique punk look, and still look attractive, feminine, and approachable, it is best to study the original punk ladies of the '70s. They stood out by not wearing the typical fashions of the 1970s and wearing clothes that were the opposite of what was commonly being worn by people and celebrities. Most of all, they wore bizarre makeup that actually highlighted their femininity and added to their cuteness.

Take a look at the cute punk girls in these photos and you will notice that they are following the same rules in makeup application as a professional makeup artist would in attempting to make Miss America look her best.

They are enhancing their eyes to look more exotic and cat like, powdering their faces to look more flawless and enhancing their lips with a beautiful pink to red lipstick.


Siouxsie and the Banshees

Siouxsie Sioux was one of the first women to come directly out of the punk scene and she simply wore one eye in a playful star pattern. The pattern did not make her look ugly, weird, or satanic, just playful and creative.

The flared-out stars give the illusion of full eyelashes and depth.

Diane Lane in the movie "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" (1982)

Diane Lane in the movie "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" (1982)

The Fabulous Stains

Diane Lane sported a copy of the famous Soo Catwoman, who was a model for punk in London during the mid-1970s. Notice that Lane looks cute and ultra-feminine in this makeup style. The eyes are painted to look slanted upward like a wild cat.

Even on television and in movies, makeup is generally applied to accentuate the almond shape of the eye. Women with round eyes have extra makeup applied to their eyes in an effort to create a more feline eye. If the eye can look not only less round but slanted upward, the beauty and femininity of the facial features are greatly enhanced.

Just look at Lane in the photo and you will notice that the dark eye makeup is drawn on to give a slanted upward appearance, and the red eyeshadow is also placed to even further give the eye an upward and less round shape.

Notice that Lane was not about to shave off her eyebrows in an effort to create a long eyebrow line that slanted upward and to combat the downward shape of her eyebrows. The colorful red flares are sharply peaked on top of the brows; this makes them less visible.


Dramatic Makeup

These rich colors present a dramatic and almost gothic combination. Remember that when pairing blood red lipstick with a pale complexion and thick black eyeliner, the result will have a dramatic and gothic quality. So, if this is not your goal, be sure to avoid this combination even if you are not doing cute punk makeup.

This is an excellent example of applying eyeliner so as not to hug the natural eye shape, but to draw the line lower and then fill in with white to create the illusion of the tear duct part of the eye being set lower than the opposite end of the eye. The goal here is to give it a raised upward appearance.

Pairing the dramatic eyes with red lipstick and a flawless matte complexion adds to the spunky punk look while also creating a dramatic and attractive feminine face.

Soo Catwoman

Soo Catwoman

The Face of Punk Rock

Catwoman was the girl who basically became nicknamed "The Face of Punk." Her image is still seen on t-shirts and tote bags. Her image is still used as the image of early punk for the simple reason that she looked good. One of the reasons she looked so good was because she knew how to do cute punk makeup.

Soo Catwoman had a perfect feminine face to start with and added the rule of thumb in makeup law of attempting to make her eyes look dramatic and feline shaped. She enhanced her lips with traditional lipstick and had a near-flawless complexion to set off her creation. The basic makeup style that any Miss America contestant would follow, but dramatized to the hilt.


Pretty Punk Makeup

Catwoman was a fashion icon and never wanted to have the same look twice.

She succeeded in always having a new creation. However, notice that her creations always follow the beauty code of femininity. Soo knew how to do cute punk makeup and let others copy her work for decades.

Notice in the above photo that her eyebrows are barely visible, but they slant upward to help give the illusion of cat eyes. She simply painted a larger, more almond-shaped eye around her own eyes here.

Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen

Nina's Cat Makeup

Nina Hagen is not generally known for doing a great job with her makeup. Indeed, she often has made herself appear ugly due to a clumsy or thoughtless makeup job. The above photo, however, shows her with a good makeup job as far as following the "cute" punk makeup look. The upward flare of her eyebrows combined with the heavy black eyeliner are doing everything under the sun to create an interesting cat-like slant.


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