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Is Eyeshadow Primer Necessary?

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Should you use a primer?

Should you use a primer?

Do You Need Eyeshadow Primer?

Eyeshadow primer is necessary if you have oily eyelids or are prone to creasing. If you’ve found that you can use eyeshadow with zero problems without the use of eye primer, it’s not a necessity for you. Most people have found that they need to use eye primer, though.

What is Eyeshadow Primer?

Eye primer is similar to face primer. It helps create an even, smooth base for eyeshadow application. Most eye primers are tinted to help cover dark spots, ensuring that your eyelids have an even appearance.

I highly recommend the Stuck on You primer!

I highly recommend the Stuck on You primer!

Do You Have to Use Eye Primer?

You can wear eyeshadow without eye primer, but it’s not recommended. Even if you don’t have eye primer, you should instead use an eye primer alternative. This will guarantee that you can enjoy the benefits of eyeshadow primer.

The one exception is if you have an eyeshadow with primer. When you purchase an eyeshadow with primer, you’ll know. It will be clearly advertised on the product. Eyeshadow with primer tends to be more expensive than other eyeshadows, too. These products don’t require a primer before use.

Four Benefits of Eyeshadow Primer

There are so many benefits to wearing primer as a base for eyeshadow that it’s hard to believe you wouldn’t want to wear it. This makeup product does a lot more than make your eyelids smooth.

1. Eyeshadow Primer Absorbs Oil

When you wear eye primer, you’ll notice that your oily eyelids aren’t a problem anymore. This is because the oil on your eyelids is absorbed by your primer instead of making its way through to your eyeshadow. The end result is that your eye makeup won’t cake from the oil on your eyelids as the day goes on.

2. Your Eyelids Will Look Flawless

If you have spider veins or age spots on your eyelids, eye primer is a must. If your eyeshadow wears off or you have a lot of fall out, people will be able to see your dark spots when you don’t wear primer. This is also true for your spider veins. Eyeshadow primer creates an even tone that you’ll love. Some people choose to wear eye primer by itself just for this purpose!

3. Eyeshadow Primer Helps Your Makeup Last

When you use a primer on your eyelid, you’ll notice that your makeup lasts longer. A primer will help prevent fall out. It will eliminate creasing as the day wears on, too. Overall, your eye makeup will last much longer than it would without eye primer.

4. Eyeshadow Colors Will Pop

Like Stuck On You Eye Primer, some eyelid primers have a nude color to them that instantly makes colors pop. You’ll notice that your colors appear more pigmented than they did before. (Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply if you already have really pigmented eyeshadow.)

She definitely primed those lids!

She definitely primed those lids!

Who Should Use Primer?

Everyone should use an eye primer if they are wearing eyeshadow. However, there are a few people that will want to make sure that they have a wonderful eye primer in their makeup bag. Those people are:

  • Anyone that wants their makeup to last longer
  • People that are prone to their eye makeup creasing
  • Those with spider veins or age spots
  • Individuals with oily eyelids
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Because of the benefits of having a base for eyeshadow, everyone should wear it. You should at least try it to see if you notice a difference in your eye makeup for the day.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Applying eyeshadow primer is easy, even for beginners. You simply dip your makeup brush, sponge, or finger in the eyeshadow primer. Then, wipe it across your eyelid. If you have a tube of cream eyeshadow primer, you can squeeze a small amount on your finger and then wipe it across your eyelid. You do not have to rub it in excessively.

Tip: Only use a small amount. Using too much will make your makeup cake or you will have too much fall out as the day goes on.

When to Apply Eyeshadow Primer

You can apply eyeshadow primer anywhere in your makeup routine as long as you apply it before applying your eyeshadow. Personally, I apply mine after my facial primer so that my entire face is primed and ready to go. Then, I do my eyebrows while it dries.

Can You Use Face Primer For Your Eyelids?

You should not use face primer on your eyelids. The two primers are made of two different formulas and have different purposes. Face primer typically has silicone as an ingredient, which can cause creasing on the eyelid. Facial primers are also not as absorbent or hydrating as eye primers, which means that they won’t help your eye makeup stay longer.

Give that shadow a chance to pop with a primer!

Give that shadow a chance to pop with a primer!

Eyeshadow Primer FAQ

What Is Eye Primer For?

Eye primer is used as a base for eyeshadow. It helps prevent creasing and can make your eye makeup last significantly longer. Some formulas can also make your eyeshadow appear super pigmented.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have Eyeshadow Primer?

If you don’t have primer or just ran out, there are quite a few alternatives that you can use. It’s not recommended to use a face primer. Instead, use a dot of concealer or some foundation. Aloe vera is another great idea!

Can You Use Eyeshadow Without Primer?

Yes, you can wear eyeshadow without primer. However, you will notice that your makeup fades away a bit quicker without the use of a primer. You’ll also be more prone to fall out and creasing.

Do You Have to Let Eyeshadow Primer Dry?

Yes, you do. Most of these formulas are cream formulas and are a bit like liquid. Make sure that you give them a minute or two to dry before eyeshadow application. If you apply your eyeshadow too soon, it will cake.

Do You Put Eyeshadow Primer on Before or After Foundation?

Before foundation, you should apply all of your primers, including eyelid primer. Most people do this anyway because they do their eyes first. When you complete your eye makeup first, you have room for a few mistakes without re-doing your face makeup.

Use a Primer!

Eye primer is something every girl should have in their makeup bag. Make sure that you only apply a little bit, give it time to dry and you’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits that eyelid primer provides.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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