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Longer Lashes Without Falsies: My Experience With Physicians Formula Lash Extension Kit

Chronic illness warrior and natural health coach and advocate, Gina helps others thrive beyond the challenges of chronic illness.


Up Your Lash Game

I love the look of false eyelashes as much as the next girl. When you crave that dramatic volume and length, sometimes it's the only way to go.

However, I have watched my daughter putting on those false eyelashes, and they are very time-consuming. Who really has all that time to invest in just eyelashes? I barely have enough time to take a shower.

I have discovered a very simple beauty routine that does not take very much time and will instantly up your lash game. You'll get those va-va-voom lashes, and there's no need to worry about whether your lashes will stay on all night because they're your lashes.

To remove them, all you need is a little makeup remover before bed. There is no tugging or ripping required.


Which Mascara Gives the False Lash Effect?

The effect of false lashes can be game-changing, whether worn alone or with a dramatic smoky eye. Sometimes (or most times), however, we're just too lazy to deal with all that messy glue and wait around for it to get perfectly tacky. I know I am.

There are quite a few brands on the market that claim to give a false-lash effect, but I have not found one that gives me the effect that I desired until I found the two-step Physician's Formula Kit.

Of course, no mascara is going to be able to add new lashes like a pair of falsies will (especially depending on the type), but ones that include fiber, expanding, or tubing technologies can come close to mimicking the added volume and length.

Author's natural eye.  I started to lose my eyelashes due to illness. I really needed some help, as regular mascara did nothing.

Author's natural eye. I started to lose my eyelashes due to illness. I really needed some help, as regular mascara did nothing.

2 Products and 3 Simple Steps

The Physician's Formula lash kit features two products:

  1. Mascara
  2. Fibers

I always start off by separating my lashes. Still, sometimes no matter how hard we try to prevent it, mascara can make lashes clump together. Just make sure to comb through them with a spoolie after application to ensure your lashes aren't sticking together.

One full application consists of:

  1. applying one coat of mascara
  2. applying one coat of fibers
  3. then applying another coat of mascara

In this way, the fibers are attached to the lashes by being sandwiched between two coats of mascara.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Swipe each section, all the way from your inner, to your outer lashes with the mascara. Using the tip ensures that you can catch every single lash and build them up.
  2. After applying the mascara, apply the fibers to the mascara while still wet. You will be able to see the fibers attaching to the ends of your lashes and making them beautiful and long.
  3. Once you've applied the fibers, you will then apply another coat of mascara to seal the fibers onto your lashes.
  4. Don’t forget those bottom lashes! They can really pull a look together.

If you're new at this, you may notice some fibers falling on your cheek during application. I simply brush them off using a makeup brush.

There is definitely a bit of a learning curve with this type of application, and one has to work quickly for the fibers to properly adhere to the mascara. You have to apply the fibers to the lashes when they are still wet.

Something else to keep in mind is that with these types of mascaras, after a fair amount of usage, some fibers will end up in the mascara tube. So far, I have had no issues with clumping, but it is definitely a possibility with more usage.

You can clearly see the before and after effect in this image.

You can clearly see the before and after effect in this image.

Overall, if you're looking for a mascara that can most closely mimic the look of false lashes, a two-step fiber mascara like the Physician's Formula Kit is the way to go.

However, if you don't like the idea of having to use two separate products to achieve full and thick lashes, opt for a regular fiber, tubing, or expanding mascara. Or, of course, you could get really, really good at applying falsies.

Bring Attention to Your Eyes

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to your eyes and create fun, flirty looks is by adding mascara.


  • Is a key component of making your eyes stand out
  • Has the ability to make your lashes darker
  • Adds length and thickness
  • Will bring depth to your eyes and open them up

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