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Updated on December 5, 2016
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Lipsticks, stains, and colors: how do you know which ones will stick around all day? For most of us it is trial and error. Half the time lip colors are not true to color. So once you get your brand new lipstick in the mail or store you open it only to be disappointed. Why? Because that color you loved so much is not what the actual product looks like. Happened before? You are not alone!

Lip color in general is a bit on the pricey side when you are looking for a great shade and quality brand. Sure, you can buy dollar store lipstain, but you are going to get dollar store quality lipstain. There are some drugstore lipsticks that do very well and are less expensive than some of the designer labels available.

Honestly lip color for me has always been a pain. Having a fair complexion (okay, very pale), and freckles some colors are horrid on me, despite how great they look in the tube! It is also a huge hassle to have to stop and reapply my lip color every time I eat or drink, along with whatever else may smudge, crack, or completely remove it. So, I'm lazy. I find a lip color I love, only to find out it takes to much maintenance. So it gets tossed in my cosmetics stash and never graces my lips again. I should honestly probably get rid of most of them as old as some must be.

I finally found a nice lip color that boasts long wear: the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color. I recently tried two shades of this lip color, and it has it's pros and cons.

SuperStay 24 by Maybelline Top: Keep Up The Flame  Bottom: Constant Toast
SuperStay 24 by Maybelline Top: Keep Up The Flame Bottom: Constant Toast | Source
Color swatches of Keep Up The Flame and Constant Toast.
Color swatches of Keep Up The Flame and Constant Toast.

Maybelline SuperStay 24

The SuperStay 24 lip color comes in a dual ended tube with built in applicator for the lipcolor, and a twist up for the conditioning stick. This is a 2 step lipcolor product. The packaging is pretty standard for products like this. The new Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color lipstick makes several boasts as to why you will love it. Here are a few:

  • Long wear
  • Smudge Proof
  • Anti-Transfer
  • Micro-Flex Technology (no flaking, or cracking)
  • Moisturizing

As you can imagine, they had me at 'long wear'. The thought of not having to endlessly reapply was optimal for me. It is just a pain to have to dig in my purse, grab the nearest mirror and apply lipstick at the drop of a hat all day (or the sip of a drink). I always look for a anti-transfer and smudge proof product as well. Not having to worry that you will accidentally stain your favorite top is a bonus.

I recently tried out two shades in the SuperStay 24 color line:

  • Constant Toast (a nice neutral pink taupe shade)
  • Keep Up The Flame (a deep red with orange undertones)

First off, these are true to shade! So that was a huge score in my book. There was no shock when applying to my lips because they matched what the product actually looked like. I chose constant toast because with my fair skin and freckles I do best with neutral colors. My skin has a way of making bold colors look horrid. Keep Up The Flame is a great color for special occasions, though not something I will use for everyday wear.

There are many other great shades in the line, though I can't say if they all remain true to shade or not.

Constant Toast SuperStay 24 lip color, lasted all day! It is a great compliment to my skintone and works well for redheads.
Constant Toast SuperStay 24 lip color, lasted all day! It is a great compliment to my skintone and works well for redheads.


Without wasting much more time I want to cover the pro's and con's to Maybelline's SuperStay 24 lip color. There are some things I really enjoyed about the product, and other's that could use a bit of improvement.


  • Long Lasting Color
  • Moisturizing and Non- Drying
  • Did not smudge, even when I was eating or drinking
  • Wearing for 18 hours, and the color did not crack or flake
  • True to shade, no surprises in color or shade
  • Did not transfer to my cups when drinking
  • Budget friendly

The color really does last a long time. I applied first thing in the morning, and by 1am the color was still as bright as if I had just applied it. I did enjoy that it was not at all drying like some other products I have tried. It actually seemed to moisturize my lips (they were starting to chap a bit). My color never smudged, or cracked despite wearing it all day long. On an outing with friends (lots of talking and eating) it still held up. I was very happy that it remained so true to shade, and I got the color that I actually wanted. The price is a bit lower than some other same quality products available on the market. Though the price varies greatly depending on the place you choose to buy. Ulta has it for around $10, while the Maybelline website has it much higher. I do find that a lot of cosmetics items can be found on the cheap if you do a little online comparison shopping.


  • It gets sticky if you do not re-apply the conditioner every few hours
  • You have to carry it with you
  • Feels sticky when applying
  • Dries a little too fast
  • Requires a makeup remover to take it off
  • The conditioner will run out before the color does

Now that may look like a long list of con's, they are all pretty minimal though. I just felt like sharing every single detail about the product. The main thing I have an issue with is that for 'long wear', I do not want to have to reapply at all. Of course I don't have to, though without using the conditioner every few hours the color feels so sticky it will drive you insane. I left the house without it the first day thinking that one application would be enough (I was wrong).While the color lingers, the conditioner needs to be reapplied all day long. So you have to take it with you, or suffer sticky lips all day. Having to apply the conditioner so much means it will no doubt run out well before the color does! Though you can always buy a cheap chapstick or gloss when it runs out.

It feels sticky as you apply, so there is no applying to your bottom lip and rubbing to the top. Just slightly odd feeling, nothing that would prevent me from using or buying it. It dries extremely fast, and leaves no room for error. Even the slightest misstep on the edge of your lip, and you have to start all over. Starting over means using a makeup remover, soap and water does not seem to help much. I was very glad I had some remover on hand, for the novice, take it very slow when applying.

Color Stay or Color Go?

As far as color stay lipstick products go Maybelline SuperStay 24 does indeed last. The color stays put without flaking or cracking. The downside is that if you want to avoid the sticky feeling you need to use your conditioning gloss all day. Still a time saver over many others since you can apply the conditioner without needing a mirror to do so. Knowing that as you apply you're not smudging color is a huge plus!

It does take a makeup remover to take it off at the end of the day. Even a low cost remover will get it removed. There are some great colors in the line if these two shades are not for you. I look forward to trying out some more colors in the future. As far as lasting color, you just can't beat it for the price. I was so tired one night that I fell asleep before washing my makeup off. Despite my tossing and turning my lips still looked as if I just applied the color when I woke!

I received my two shades for free for testing purposes. All views are my unbiased experience with Maybelline SuperStay 24 lip color.

© 2016 Cynthia Hoover


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    • Michelle Mollohan profile image

      Michelle Mollohan 12 months ago from Looneyville, WV

      I love these! I hate traditional lipstick because it always gets on my teeth and feels tacky on my lips. With this, you have all day color without the mess.

    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 16 months ago from Newton, West Virginia

      MizBejabbers Thank you so much for the tip! I have some Burt's Bees I will try that!! That will fit into my pocket no problem when I don't feel like carrying my purse! I have the hardest time finding a good shade for my complexion, I am a firm believer that 'reds' are not for everyone (at least not for me anyway). I think the Constant Toast shade maybe my new favorite color. The other one, not so much ~ I may never find a good 'red' for me. Red lip color seems to wash me out so bad, and I am already fairly pale most of the time, despite all my freckles. Red has a way of making my freckles appear orangish too.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 16 months ago

      Good review, Cynthia. I've been using this product since it's inception and I hope that Maybelline continues to make it forever! I don't carry it with me because I found that a good lip product like Burt's Bees can be substituted for the wax stick throughout the day, and it makes the stick last longer. I got the chapstick habit when I was in high school, so this works well for me. Also, I have cosmetic allergies and I am not allergic to Maybelline, Yea!

      The only con I've found with it is that it is difficult to find a shade that doesn't go on too light or too dark because I prefer a medium rose shade. I can't remember my favorite color, (something Cranberry, I think).