My Summer Makeup Routine

Updated on March 10, 2018

Surprise in the Mail!

Opening my crammed mailbox of advertisements this week, I found a smile on my face when I saw the packaging from Colour Pop Cosmetics!

During this full month of school, finals, and work, I was eager to find the products that would make my draining week seem a bit more refreshed. I treated myself to two things from Colour Pop: 1 Lippie pencil, as they call them, in the shade "Curve" and a Super Shock Shadow in the shade "Birthday Cake." Of course, I had to use them in my video to see how they performed!

Priming the Face

My morning routine is to wash my face without a cleanser because it still keeps the natural oils. After I dry it, I apply a moisturizer and continue doing my morning errands. This process allows for the moisturizer to dry, and once it does, I apply my makeup primer weather or not I'm going to be wearing makeup. When I apply the primer, this allows for it to protect my skin during the day by not absorbing the nasty car fumes and bacteria, and it keeps my skin looking poreless and matte.

Also, in my 20s, I should be paying attention to SPF! So far, I've only added SPF in my foundation routine, but the next moisturizer I buy will be with an SPF! Also, I need to look into good serums for the eyes, but I still need to do my research for them. Do you have any serum recommendations?

Starting Off with my Foundation

For this specific makeup routine I used the FIT ME foundation by Maybelline, in the shade 238. Every night when I go to rinse my face I find it really hard to take off, and I'm starting to think its my cleanser I use or the fact that the foundation is a little too thick for a summer makeup routine. I think if I was to change the routine a bit to improve it for the warm season I would change my foundation to a sheer coverage and lighter formula. The foundation I used for spring before this one was the Cover Girl Clean Matte 540. I might go back to that formula with a deeper tan shade for the summer.

What is your favorite light weight foundation formula?

Here is the Fit me foundation Im currently using and also the one I used for my video! (Left) The Cover Girl foundation is the previous light formula I used before. (Right)
Here is the Fit me foundation Im currently using and also the one I used for my video! (Left) The Cover Girl foundation is the previous light formula I used before. (Right)

Eye Shadow!!

My eye shadow routine is pretty basic, but I'm thinking of switching over to more purple hues for the summer season! Purple is known to look great for brown eyes and I'm currently using a purple smolder eyes Tarte pencil for accentuating them.

For my video, I used the modern renaissance palette for a simple crease color in the shade " Warm Taupe" and for the base I used the "Birthday Cake" shade from Colour Pop cosmetics.

As far as mascara, I'm super impressed by Maybelline "The Falsies Push Up Drama". Like any girl, I use two different mascaras and that helps separate my lashes and gives length to the shorter pieces for maximum effect!

Modern Renaissance: Warm Taupe (top) Glittery Shade: Birthday Cake by Colour Pop (bottom)
Modern Renaissance: Warm Taupe (top) Glittery Shade: Birthday Cake by Colour Pop (bottom)

Check out my video below and see what ideas I can give you for making your summer routine quick and fun!

The point is to go out and have a great time, but if you can look your best with your makeup routine as well, then why not?



This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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