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Review of 3 Maybelline Mascaras: Falsies, Full N’ Soft, and Lash Stiletto Waterproof


3. Falsies

There is something tempting about the name of this mascara—will it really make you look like you have fake lashes? The answer is, unfortunately, no. I found that this mascara brush, or perhaps the mascara itself, gave my lashes a strange and over-the-top curl with average length and unimpressive volume. Maybe the curl will be better for other lash types, but I don’t think anyone will be too thrilled with the length and volume this mascara gives.

Worst of all, this mascara most definitely pulled out my eyelashes. Every single day I had a quick moment of panic as I realized I was losing around four eyelashes every time I tried to remove the mascara, even when using proper makeup remover and gentle movements.

The price may be fantastic at around $6.00, but the length and volume Falsies creates is probably not worth the lashes you may lose.

I give it 2.5 stars.


2. Lash Stiletto (Waterproof)

I have not been very impressed by much waterproof makeup in the past, and that includes mascara. Most waterproof mascaras don’t provide the same length and volume as non-waterproof versions do. They are dry, so black pieces crumble onto your face, and they are incredibly difficult to remove. Lash Stiletto, however, is most certainly worth putting on your lashes! This waterproof mascara feels a little bit wetter than the standard waterproof, but even better, the length it gives is mind-blowing! This is some of the BEST lengthening mascara I have ever used, even though it is waterproof!

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Admittedly, the volume isn’t as remarkable, and it is still difficult to remove since it is waterproof. There are definitely better non-waterproof mascaras out there, and even waterproof mascaras, for volume. The length, however, tops every mascara I’ve ever tested. At a measly $4.00, this mascara is worth the purchase for those times you need something waterproof. Your confidence at the pool or beach will shoot through the ceiling along with your lashes.

Four stars.


1. Full N’ Soft

In my book, this is the drugstore mascara that could pass for a high-end one. I have used both the regular version and the waterproof version of this lash lengthener and have been blown away by the results both deliver. The volume is incredible, and the length is awesome. It is also easily layered and doesn’t clump up easily. Both versions are relatively easy to remove, and I never felt like I was pulling my eyelashes out—even when taking off the waterproof version.

The best part of this drugstore mascara is that it only costs around $6.00. So if you’re sick of your drugstore mascaras because you’re not getting the length and volume that you need to complete your look, and thinking about switching up to a pricier brand, give Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft a try first. I don’t think there’s a better mascara for the price.

5 stars.


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