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Summer Sunset Eye Makeup

Updated on July 13, 2017
Summer Sunset Eyes
Summer Sunset Eyes

Today, I found myself wondering what to do with my eyeshadow. I was tired of the basic nude and brown crease I kept creating for a simple everyday look. Luckily, I found a new trend on Youtube that has been going around, and it looks great on brown eyes.

With the summer ahead of us and my tan starting to build, I thought this would look great! I grabbed my camera and filmed a video to show you what I used and how I created the look.

I used the Modern Renaissance Palette because it has all the right warm tones to create this look, and I used about 3 brushes to make it happen. Overall, it was a very easy look to come up with.

What I Would Change

If I could redo the video:

  • I would've liked to use a brighter yellow and orange to go with the deep maroon shade I swiped across the bottom of my lids. I think the contrast didn't strike the way I wanted it to in my video.
  • I would've deepend the bronze around my face for a sunkissed look. Another option for this is to use a deeper tanned foundation shade.
  • For the lips, I was looking for a sheer nude lip rather than a deeper color as the color shade I used from Colourpop. The lipgloss was perfect, but maybe I should've just used it by itself.

- I hope you guys try out the look with these suggestions!




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