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The Best Makeup for Sensitive Eyes. Recommended Products.
The Best Makeup for Sensitive Eyes. Recommended Products.

According to the FDA, about 25% of people have suffered adverse reactions to beauty products, including eye makeup. You might be one of them. I am too. But after years of suffering from stinging, watery, and even painful eyes, I have found what has turned out, for me, to be the best makeup for sensitive eyes.

Below are my product recommendations and what I regularly use for mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation. These are all based on personal trial and error.

I used to be able to wear all cosmetic products and brands of makeup with no ocular problems, but that changed when I was about 33, and even more so after I started wearing eye contact lenses.

One night, after about 20 minutes of putting my cosmetics on for a night out with friends, my eyes began to feel irritated, itchy, and after about an hour I had painful pressure, stinging and redness in my eyes. My night was ruined, but more importantly, that was the beginning of an expensive three-year search for non-irritating cosmetics.

But I found what has worked for me, and I hope these are the answer to your beauty prayers too. After all, beauty shouldn't sting.

The Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

The best mascara for sensitive eyes. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Mascara.
The best mascara for sensitive eyes. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Mascara.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Mascara, in Brown, Blue, or Black

  • I chose this mascara because it has given me no eye irritation whatsoever. Lashes have a moist, glossy look and won't clump.
  • No flaking. Mascara that flakes often gets into the corners of the eyes and aggravates ocular tissue. This used to be a big problem for me because I also wear contacts. And I would tend to get tiny clumps of mascara sitting behind the lens as well. Not a problem with this formula!
  • Good, basic coverage.

The Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes: Origins

The best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. Origins Automagically Eye Lining Pencil.
The best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. Origins Automagically Eye Lining Pencil.

Origins Automagically Eye Lining Pencil

  • I had no irritation whatsoever using this pencil.
  • Long-lasting.
  • It comes with a blending/smudging tool at the other end of the tip if you like to create smokey eyes or blended effects with your makeup.
  • Goes on smoothly without stretching or irritating the eyelid.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.

Sensitive Eye Poll

What is your worst symptom associated with makeup?

  • Watery eyes
  • Stinging
  • Pressure or pain
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • My nose starts to run
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Overall Popular Brands for Sensitive Eyes

Users on makeup review sites have commented that the following brands have helped them:

  • Origins
  • Prescriptives (now only available online)
  • Dr. Hauschka
  • Physicians Formula
  • Almay

The Best Eyeshadow for Sensitive Eyes: Two Great Products

It is no accident that I've chosen cream eyeshadows. They do not flake or fall into the corners of the eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, I recommend you stay away from powder shadows.

Origins GinZing Brightening Cream
Origins GinZing Brightening Cream

Origins GinZing Brightening Cream Eyeshadow

  • No allergic reaction experienced.
  • Generous 5 ml. size.
  • Blends well.
  • Comes in many colors, many of which are neutrals, that look good any time of year.
  • Stays in place.
  • This type of eye shadow is especially helpful to girls and women that wear eye contacts. Since powdery eye shadow has a tendency to leave colored flakes sitting on contact lenses, a cream product such as this prevents the irritating accident as well as having to take your contacts out and reinsert!

The best eyeshadow for sensitive eyes. Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eye Color
The best eyeshadow for sensitive eyes. Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eye Color

Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eye Color

  • Slides color over your eyelids from convenient tube. Think of it as lipstick for your eyes. I love this thing.
  • No irritation experienced.
  • Comes in a variety of shades.
  • Stays in place.
  • No powder shadow to fall in the eyes.
  • Dot on eyelid and spread with your finger if you want to lighten the look of the color.
  • No extra applicator needed


  • If you are looking for an all-around good brand of makeup for sensitive eyes, Origins, in my experience, has been the most reliable one.
  • To see if any makeup product bothers your eyes, wear it by itself in your home for a few hours. This way you can distinguish if it will affect you or not. If you have luck, try sticking to the same line for your next cosmetic purchase. And so on.
  • You can develop an eye allergy to a cosmetic at any time, even after years of use.
  • The products I recommend are not guaranteed to not irritate your eyes. Everyone responds differently to cosmetic ingredients. The information in this article is based on personal experience only.
  • I do not have medical experience and suggest you speak to your eye doctor before applying new cosmetics if you have a medical condition.

The Best Foundation for Sensitive Eyes

You might be surprised to see foundation listed. But since you apply it all over your face, including right outside your eyes, your eyes can become inflamed very easily if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product or your eyes react to the subtle fumes in the makeup. This means the product never has to actually get in your eye area to affect you.

Origins Stay Tuned Balancing Face Makeup

  • I cannot say enough good things about this foundation. Least of all is that I experienced no eye irritation from it.
  • From a cosmetic point of view, this product is amazing. I have large pores, and this foundation actually makes my face look smooth and almost non-porous. I will use this for life.
  • Doesn't feel cakey on the skin.

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