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The Jamberry Lowdown-A Beginner's Guide to Jamberry Nail Wraps

Updated on November 20, 2015
My current Jamicure, (Jamberry manicure). Wrap name: Kiss Me Ombre.
My current Jamicure, (Jamberry manicure). Wrap name: Kiss Me Ombre.

Background Info: Just What are Jamberry nail wraps?

Jamberry Nail Wraps are heat-activated nail wraps that come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. The wraps come in both small and big sizes, allowing the wearer to select and cut a length that appropriately fits their nails.

A direct sales company, similar to Avon, Jamberry operates by using the talents of its independent consultants to book online parties to sell its products. Consultants reach out to their friends and friends of friends to “host” Jamberry events on Facebook. If the parties reach enough in sales, those who host are able to receive hostess rewards. These include but are not limited to discount wraps, a sheet of free wraps exclusive to the month the party was hosted in, and various other items.

How a standard application session typically looks.
How a standard application session typically looks.

How This Hubber Became a Jamberry Fan

While at a friends’ house one evening, my friend eagerly shoved her hand in my face. On her nails rested a decorative pattern that she described to me as being a Jamberry wrap. As she went on to explain how much she loved Jamberry’s products and how much she wanted to me to sell them with her I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information I was being presented with. Never being heavy into painting my nails let along getting regular manicures I had never before heard of nail wraps. I couldn’t decide if they were more like stickers or press-on nails.

As I sat, listening to my friend, I agreed to host a party. I still wasn’t sold on the whole Jamberry idea but, being the good friend that I am, I decided it couldn’t hurt to give the wraps a try. After almost half a year of wearing Jamberry wraps I can honestly say that my nails have never looked healthier. If you’ve heard of Jamberry but are still confused in regards to what they’re all about feel free to read further.

What are Jamberry wraps again?

Jamberry wraps are heat-activated nail wraps. They are not press-on nails or any other similar product. They are applied directly to the nail bed with the help of a small amount of heat that is used to activate the adhesive located on the back of the wrap. The wraps are available in a wide variety of colors and styles that are updated on a regular basis. In addition to selling wraps, Jamberry also has regular polish available. All of Jamberry's products are high-quality and easy to use.

My personal Jamberry heater. Hair dryers may also be used.
My personal Jamberry heater. Hair dryers may also be used.
My first Jamicure. For this look, I combined plain, black nail polish with a few Jamberry accent wraps.
My first Jamicure. For this look, I combined plain, black nail polish with a few Jamberry accent wraps.

Jamberry's Nail Art Studio

Jamberry also gives its customers the chance to create their own unique nail wrap. The following video demonstrates how.

Jamberry Pros

There are many benefits to wearing Jamberry wraps. First of all, if you have a habit of biting your nails, Jamberry wraps will help you stop. Though this factoid isn’t listed on Jamberry’s website and it hasn’t been scientifically proven, some people I know who have tried the wraps say that these pieces of fashionable nail décor were the only thing that effectively got them to stop biting their nails.

In addition to Jamberry’s nail saving abilities, the wraps look amazing. Jamberry wraps are extremely versatile, coming in every color imaginable. If you happen to have the chance to peruse Jamberry’s site, you’ll find that the wraps are divided into different categories, many of which sub-divide the wraps according to their colors. From shimmers to patterns and even holiday themed wraps, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Even if you’ve never really been one for putting things on your nails let alone paiting them the wraps are easy to adjust to. First and foremost, the wraps are available in unobtrusive styles. My mother, who isn’t one for calling much attention to herself, was able to find two wraps, (one in a light blue and another in a light rose color), that she simply fell in love with. In addition, once you have the application process down, (which will be listed in detail below), Jamberry wraps could become a regular part of your on-going beauty routine. The wraps, which typically last for approximately two weeks, can be changed at anytime. Therefore, you can frequently change your wraps depending on your wardrobe choices.

The wraps versatility also allows for fewer trips to the nail salon and less money spent on nail polish. Even if you don’t become addicted to Jamberry wraps but still enjoy them enough to purchase them on a regular basis, you’ll find that you’ll be saving money. Jamberry wraps are designed to provide the wearer with multiple chances to wear each wrap. Depending on how you cut the wraps, you could have the same wrap available for two applications. That comes out to two applications for only $15. And nothing can beat superb style at an affordable price.

Wrap featured: Sprinkled
Wrap featured: Sprinkled
Wrap name-Cheetah Remix
Wrap name-Cheetah Remix

Jamberry Cons

The wraps are not perfect. Despite their large array of colors and styles the wraps themselves have weaknesses. For starters, the wraps cannot be exposed to oils of any kind. If you have oily hands or are a frequent user of coconut oil based products, Jamberry wraps might not be for you. In addition, if you generally like to keep your nails at a short length the wraps will have difficulty adhering to your nails. The wraps tend to last better with nails that are a bit on the longer side.

What’s the Deal with All These Jamberry Parties?

Jamberry’s consultants operate primarily online. The consultants reach out to their friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends to host parties. These parties appear mainly in the form of weeklong Facebook events or private Facebook groups. During the parties, the consultants reach out to their guests by running raffles for free merchandise, playing games, and providing detailed information regarding Jamberry and their products.

If you accept an invitation to a Jamberry party you are not required to buy any merchandise. If you feel so inclined during the duration of the event you may purchase wraps. (These purchases almost always result in an additional raffle entry or two. So don’t be shy if you like what you see!)However, you can simply join the event, see what Jamberry is all about, participate in the games and raffles, and then walk-away when the party’s over. Even if you’re the hostess, you are not forced into purchasing any wraps unless you want them.

Jamberry parties can either take the form of a closed group...
Jamberry parties can either take the form of a closed group...
Or an invite only Facebook event.
Or an invite only Facebook event.
My latest Jamicure. Featured wrap: Patriot
My latest Jamicure. Featured wrap: Patriot

Instructions for Safe Application and Removal

  1. Be Sure You Have Enough Room to Work

When applying your wraps, it’s best to utilize a large, flat surface, such as a kitchen and/or dining room table. Jamberry wraps are easy to apply, however, they do require the use of a few essential nail care tools, (i.e. orange sticks, emery boards, nail scissors, and cuticle pushers, just to name a few. If you don't already have these items at home Jamberry as application kits available for purchase. Jamberry also offers heaters if you choose not to use a hair dryer to assist you in your application. ) In order to be able to see what you’re doing an adequate amount of work space is always best.

2. Touch the Wraps as Little as Possible During the Application Process

As previously stated, any type of oil can affect the wraps’ adhesive. While applying your wraps, be sure to use an orange stick to peel back the wrap from the plastic sheet it comes on. Next, gently cut the wrap to fit your nail size. As carefully as you can, use the orange stick to apply the wrap to your nail after exposing it to a heat source. Once the wrap is on your nail, make sure the wrap has fully adhered to your nail bed by using a cuticle pusher.

3.Do Not Overheat The Wraps

While applying your wraps, be sure not to overheat them. Only expose the wraps to a heat source, (i.e. a hair dryer or a Jamberry heater), for just a few seconds. Extended exposure to heat could reduce the time that the wraps stay on your nails

4.It’s Always Best to go Short

You can always cut your nails prior to applying the wraps. In addition, if your wraps still hang over your nails, you can file them down. However, to avoid tearing, pulling, and having the wraps fall off before the two week mark it’s always best to cut the wraps just a little bit shorter. While the wraps themselves adhere better to nails that are longer it’s near impossible to work backwards. It’s always better to fit your nails to the wraps than the wraps to your nails.

5.Don’t Fret, Mistakes Will Happen

After being a Jamberry user for six months, this Hubber still makes mistakes. You might be a pro at applying your jams or you might need a little more time to perfect your technique. If you feel like you could get used to wearing Jamberry wraps feel free to give them as many shots as you’d like. But remember, Jamberry wraps are not for everyone. Don’t force yourself to use them if you do not feel comfortable having them on your nails.

6.When Removing Your Wraps Do Not Pull!

A mistake most people make when removing the wraps is too pull them off with their fingers. This action can cause nail damage. To keep your nails safe and healthy, gently break the seal between your nails and the wraps by using an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Then, soak each hand in nail polish remover for approximately three minutes or so. After your hands have finished soaking, you may carefully peel off the wraps.

Live Jamberry Application

Jamberry wraps can be mixed and matched to create unique, customized looks. Wraps used for this Jamicure: Fizzy Grape and Fierce Fuschia.
Jamberry wraps can be mixed and matched to create unique, customized looks. Wraps used for this Jamicure: Fizzy Grape and Fierce Fuschia.


The newest edition to the Jamberry family is TruShine. TruShine is Jamberry's answer to the growing gel manicure trend. Much like Jamberry's nail lacquer, TruShine is applied like regular nail polish. The difference being Trushine uses a special UV lamp to dry and lasts longer in addition to being less likely to chip or peel! Having just been released, TruShine is only available in a few colors at this time. However, as gel manicures continue to grow in popularity Jamberry is sure to expand the Trushine family.

TruShine Video

If you are a Jamberry consultant or a fellow Jamberry wearer, please feel free to add anything I may have missed!


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    • profile image

      Becca 16 months ago

      You need to make sure there is NO wrap touching your skin or cuticle... should just be on the nail only. There should be a sliver of nail showing along the sides and base. This gets no wrinkles or bubbling and alows them to stay on longer. Choose a wrap slightly smaller than your nail bed.

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 22 months ago from India

      well written.. beautiful photos..will try them...