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The Top 5 Best & Tested Foundations for Your Skin

Updated on September 26, 2017
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The Top 5 Best & Tested Foundations For Your Skin
The Top 5 Best & Tested Foundations For Your Skin | Source

Finding the right foundation for your skin can be almost as hard as finding a good romantic partner. You need it to be consistent, loyal, and not overly expensive.

What you put on your skin to conceal, enhance or moisturize matters, especially if you're going to be wearing it from morning to night.

I've gathered the top 5 foundations I feel are the best available on the market. Each of these foundations has unique attributes that will work differently for every person based on their specific skin type and personal preference.

Some people want a foundation with sunscreen, some want a foundation that moisturizes, and some need a more dynamic foundation to cover unsightly wrinkles, spots or blemishes.

Here's the list - let's go!

Get your foundation on
Get your foundation on | Source

1. "Even Better" - Clinique

Clinique is one of those classic brands that leads the way in innovative cosmetic ideas.

Although generally, Clinique is a bit high-end for my own taste, they have a few products I would definitely spend the money on and this foundation is one of the rare instances that I will pay over $12 for a foundation.

Even Better foundation is one of the best foundations I've ever used. I actually tried this product a couple of years ago because someone else gave it to me and I love it so much that I still use it today. Not only does it have SPF 15, but the texture is smooth without being too greasy.

As are most Clinique products, this foundation is oil-free and dermatologist tested. It comes in 30 different shades to accommodate many different skin tones. I rarely see foundation come in so many colors to suit so many different skin colors.

As I said, the main negative for this product is the price- which is high - around $27, but it's definitely worth a try if you're looking for quality coverage.

Even Better - By Clinique
Even Better - By Clinique | Source

2. "Stay Matte" - Rimmel

Many products on the market have promised to control shine, but few have been able to deliver. One of the stand-outs is Rimmel's Stay Matte Mousse foundation. This product does come through on what it advertises.

It's a light-textured mousse-like foundation that goes on and looks as if you've already put on powder. In fact, with this product, you probably won't need to touch it off with a powder.

If you've got oily skin then you know how annoying that afternoon shine can be once your foundation wears off.

The only drawback to Stay Matte is that it seems to only come in about 8 shades which can be limiting if you can't find an available matching shade.

With Stay Matte, you'll be able to keep the shine at bay for much longer and it also works well to cover dark circles under the eyes.

This product sells at Walmart for about $5.

Stay Matte foundation - By Rimmel
Stay Matte foundation - By Rimmel | Source

3. "SuperStay Better Skin" - Maybelline

This is a classic oil-free liquid foundation with all the ingredients to help keep skin healthy while out in the world. It has broad-spectrum titanium dioxide sunscreen SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun damage.

These days, using a foundation that has sunscreen built in is smart, but Maybelline promises not only UV ray protection but also younger looking skin with repeated applications of this product.The foundation ingredients include ACTYL-C, which is a type of vitamin C and touts antioxidant benefits.

SuperStay Better Skin foundation is advertised to be fade-free and comes in 16 different shades. Overall, this product is solid both in coverage, texture, and price.

This foundation can be found at retails stores such as Target and Walmart for about $10 - $11.

SuperStay Better Skin foundation - By Maybelline
SuperStay Better Skin foundation - By Maybelline | Source

4. "Simply Ageless 3-In-1 Foundation" - Cover Girl + Olay

This foundation makes some bold promises. It advertises to conceal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and improve skin tone.

Cover Girl has teamed up with Olay to deliver a foundation that also acts as an anti-aging moisturizer. The foundation is indeed light and gives a dewy glow with built-in moisturizers.

As far as the look of this product on aging skin, it definitely does the trick. This foundation comes in 12 shades and will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated even the day after it's removed, but the downside is there isn't any sunscreen added in.

The price for this foundation does run a little high relative to what I like to spend but if you consider that it has Olay moisturizers added into it, you can skip applying your daily moisturizer and just use this foundation alone.

You can find this product for about $13-$15 at retail stores.

Simply Ageless 3 in 1 foundation - By Cover Girl
Simply Ageless 3 in 1 foundation - By Cover Girl | Source

5. "Match Perfection" - Rimmel

Rimmel again. Honestly, for the price of Rimmel's products and the quality they possess as cosmetics, it's hard to go wrong.

The last Rimmel foundation I talked about was a matte foundation. This is a more classic liquid version which promises to not only provide a natural, smooth look but also blend in with your skin's natural tone, rather than trying to hide it.

It comes with SPF 20 (awesome!!) and 14 varying shades. This foundation feels very light and it advertises 24-hour hydration, which is nice for people with dry skin. Match Perfection is great for covering unsightly pores or dark circles under the eyes.

This product can be found at Walmart for $5 - which is the icing on the cake!

Match Perfection - By Rimmel
Match Perfection - By Rimmel | Source


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