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Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer Product Review

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A tube of Too Faced's Primed and Poreless Face Primer.

A tube of Too Faced's Primed and Poreless Face Primer.

Quick Look

Too Faced's Primed and Poreless Face Primer is a liquid primer designed to be worn alone or under makeup.

  • Retail price: $30
  • 28 g
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

Product Claims

According to, this product claims to "create(s) the perfect canvas to allow powders, bronzers, and foundations to airbrush onto the skin seamlessly and perfectly blended. Skin appears brighter, fresher and younger. Color stays true and in place all day." To cut out the ad copy, Too Faced makes these three claims:

  1. Primes the skin for blending.
  2. Enhances the appearance of skin before makeup.
  3. Keeps makeup color-fast.


Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer comes in a baby pink tube with gorgeous gold lettering on the front. There isn't an applicator and the bottle is designed to allow you to squeeze a small amount onto your fingers and smooth across the skin.

As with all Too Faced products, the packaging is sturdy and well-made. While it isn't as cute as many of their other products, it's still much more pleasant to look at than the average primer. The original box the product came in was also very pretty. As always, I'm tempted to hoard the box like a dragon.

It took quite a bit of time for the gold lettering to fade off the front in my makeup bag.


This product has two main purposes:

  1. To be used as a primer under foundation, powder, bronzer, etc., or
  2. To be used on a clean, bare face to blur imperfections.

As a Foundation Primer

This is a wonderful makeup primer. It practically cemented the foundation to my face, but it's incredibly lightweight. Due to the silky texture, I expected my liquid foundation (another Too Faced favorite, Dew You Tutti Frutti foundation) to slide across my face, but it didn't budge all day. While it is lightweight and silky, it has a slick, silicone feel that can be unpleasant in high heat or humidity.

As a Face Perfector

I had my doubts about its use without makeup, but Too Faced impressed me. My biggest problem is the enlarged pores on my cheeks and this primer did a wonderful job of well, darn near perfecting them. It's one of my favorite face perfectors but it doesn't seem to cover my largest pores as well as I'd like. I'm still on the lookout for my holy grail.

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First Impressions

Compared to Too Faced's very high standards, the packaging was a little lackluster, but as soon as I opened the bottle I changed my tune.

The scent is pleasant but not overwhelming, and I noticed an immediate change in the appearance of my pores. They were smaller and there was an improvement in texture. My skin also felt smoother and softer.

Texture and Scent

A lot of Too Faced products are famous for their scent, whether it be their Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palettes or their Peaches & Cream collection. However, the Primed and Poreless Primer didn't have anything to write home about. This product had a very light and pleasant fragrance. It's vaguely floral and powdery, but not overwhelming. It would blend well with almost any scent and isn't noticeable at all after application.

While I enjoyed the silicone smooth feeling of this primer, I know that some people don't like it. It isn't necessarily a pro or con to me, but it's something to keep in mind. Once it's applied, you can't feel it on your skin, but I could tell an improved difference in the texture of my own skin.


Overall, this product lasted all day without any worries. I did notice a difference in the wearability depending on the use, however.

As a Foundation Primer

Primed and Poreless definitely lasted longer when used as a foundation primer. My pores remained small and my makeup stayed in place. It was one of the most effective primers I have ever used.

As a Face Perfector

At first, this product gives my skin an almost matte finish. After a full day's use, I noticed that I began to see some oil creeping up on my nose, but my pores were still just as small.

Extended Use

While Too Faced makes no such claim, this primer acts almost like a skincare product. The change I felt in my skin seemed to improve the longer I used this product, which is rare in a cosmetic brand. There are definitely some skin-improving ingredients in the Primed and Poreless Primer.

What Would I Change?

My biggest problem with this product is that it doesn't have an SPF rating. It's fairly common for makeup primers to include sun protection; the fact that this high-end product didn't was disappointing. Of course, this is easily remedied by wearing a moisturizer under it or a foundation over it that has skincare benefits. Since it is also touted as a stand-alone product, however, I felt that SPF would have been a nice addition.

Another small gripe that says nothing about the product itself is the packaging isn't as adorable as most Too Faced products are. Of course, this doesn't mean that it isn't sturdy or that it doesn't adequately perform its job, because it does.


I found $30 to be a steep price for this product, but thankfully it's easy to find it for less.

Too Faced regularly has sales and specials where you can find this for a lower price. Even if their website doesn't advertise it, RetailMeNot and Wikibuy always have something to get the price a little lower.

Tips for Best Use

  • Like with any foundation, your application will be smoother if you cleanse thoroughly beforehand. Primed and Poreless does a good job of blurring imperfections, but a clean face will enhance its effectiveness.
  • When focusing on fine lines and pores, this product works best with a light patting application in a similar way to putting on eye cream.
  • Remember to wear a moisturizer or foundation with SPF when using this primer.

Alternative Products

These products are similar quality and have the same effects of Too Faced Primed and Poreless.

  • Etude House Face Blur This is my current go-to primer. It's a Korean brand and is an adorable bottle with a more lightweight, silky feel than Too Faced and has the bonus of 30 SPF.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer I have less experience with this product, but I've seen it produce similar results.

Give It A Try

If you haven't already found your go-to primer, I would give this a try. This product does it's job well as both a face perfector and a foundation primer, although it works best as a foundation primer.

If you don't like the silicone finish, then you won't like this primer.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Dani Merrier

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