My Top 4 Favorite Lip Products

Updated on November 19, 2019
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I love sharing my favorite makeup products with others. I enjoy products that make me feel fabulous.

These makeup must-haves may not be absolute necessities, but if you love makeup and style as much as I do, then you definitely need these items. I got some of these products through my Ipsy bag, and the others are items I saw and was dying to try. Either way, they all made it to the top of my list. If you’re looking to spice up your makeup collection, pick up one of these, and you will fall in love with playing dress-up all over again.

1. Smashbox Cosmetics Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

Forget doing an entire makeup overhaul to stay up with the latest trends. Instead of tossing out the old lipstick to pick up the hottest new matte colors, go with Smashbox Cosmetics Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer.

This stuff works great with lipstick. First, you apply your lipstick like you normally would. Then, you apply a generous amount of this stuff to your lips. It instantly makes the lipstick go from glossy to matte.

Even if you aren’t a trend follower, this is just a fun make-up product to play with and use. You can even pick up some in a sample size if you’re on a budget.

Keep in mind that you can only use this with lipstick, not lip gloss. I tried to use mine with lip gloss anyway, and it created a mess of sticky goop on my lips. And it was not matte.

Other than that, I love it because I'm in love with the matte look, and I don't have to buy new lipstick.

2. Lip Paint

I didn’t post a brand because there are so many great ones out there, and my favorite seems to change every couple of months. Right now, it’s Tarte. I wore it once and was hooked. I smoke a lot, and it’s awesome because it seriously does not come off. It doesn’t come off on my cigarettes, on my cups, and it takes hours to wear off. I had to reapply this stuff once towards the late afternoon.

I like the red for those dramatic days and the pale pink for those adorable girly days, but they have lip paint available in every color. If you are still using lipstick and re-applying it every hour or two, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

3. Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss

This lip plumper can take your lips from thin and barely there to almost Kylee Jenner in a matter of seconds. It comes in a tube that looks like lip gloss. You put it on the lips just like you would put on lip gloss, and this lip plumper even looks shiny just like lip gloss does.

Then, you’re going to feel a “tingling” sensation. This is the part about lip plumper that most people hate. It seems like “tingling sensation” is a code word for “burns like hell” to make-up companies, especially when it comes to lip plumper. It does burn for a minute, but then it goes away and your lips will still look plump and juicy. I personally don’t think it’s unbearable, and I think it’s awesome how well this lip plumper works.

If you’re willing to deal with a few minutes of burning and tingling to get plump, juicy lips, you want to try this stuff out. And did I mention that it smells delicious?

4. Lip Exfoliator

If you have never tried a lip exfoliator product, add this one to the list, especially if you have dry, rough lips.

Lip exfoliators work just like face exfoliators, but they are made specifically for your lips. You simply wet your lips, rub the exfoliator on your lips like you rub soap on your face when you wash your face.

Then, you rinse it off with water. The result will be lips that are perfectly soft and kissable, and you won't have to fill them in with a lip primer because they are dry and rough, so you might wind up saving money in the long run.

If you want to try something different, check out these four lip products. If you love to play with make-up, you'll love the insta-matte product from Smashbox. Even if you don't want to play with make-up or feel pampered, if you have rough or dry lips, a lip exfoliate is where it's at.

I guarantee you’re going to fall in love.


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