Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation Review

Updated on December 21, 2019
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Cat is a beauty enthusiast, honoring the essence of natural beauty and supporting informed choices to enhance what mother nature gave us.


Search for the Perfect Foundation

As a teenager, I could slather any old foundation on my face and call it good. Not that it looked good, I just didn't know any better, and the privilege of youth affords us that kind of ignorance. Back then I was just looking for a mask to hide behind. When my mom commented that I looked like a porcelain doll (and this was not a compliment coming from her with her natural, bare skin ways), I was thrilled to look like anything but myself, and I wasn't too particular about how that was accomplished.

I've grown much more particular over the years, and the quality of my skin and makeup matters because my beauty vision is more natural in my 40's, and I want my make up to reflect that. But, it wasn't easy finding the perfect foundation for my maturing skin! I can cut corners on some things but not my skin. And although I was willing to invest in a really great foundation, I found myself spending more than I care to admit on some high-end brands that just looked and felt disgusting.

I once loved matte formulas for their staying power and was quite loyal to one fancy brand in particular, but once I entered my 40's, I couldn't stand how ghostly it made me look! I tried other formulas from the same brand, but every single one failed me. Seriously, every single one. I accidentally found this foundation after finally agreeing to a color match at a salon. I only agreed because it was not an actual person doing the color match (I've never been correctly color matched by a human), but a little handheld device with scientific magic. After my color match, I went home with a sample of three different brands of a similar formula, and every single one of the colors looked amazing. However, it was Urban Decay's Naked that felt and looked more natural. I looked like my skin and didn't settle into tiny lines, like dried paint.

Looking natural on the beach.
Looking natural on the beach. | Source

Why I Love Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation

I started wearing this foundation when I turned 44, and with the exception of when I had to find a disappointing replacement while traveling, it's the only foundation I've used since then.

I currently live in the Caribbean and use Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid formula in shade 7.0, which compliments my medium complexion. I used 6.0 when I lived in the mountains and 8.0 when I lived in the desert—when my complexion was slightly darker. Sometimes I mixed the lighter and darker shades together depending on how my skin color changed with the seasons. I love how it doesn't need to be an exact science to achieve a great color when mixing within my three primary shades. I don't have the patience required for exact science, which is why I also don't measure spices. In that respect, this foundation is very kind to me.

I also love this foundation's magical ability to blend into my skin and blur imperfections. It just makes everything look softer and slightly illuminated without the shine factor. Sometimes I desire a slightly more matte finish and will add a light dusting of powder to my t-zone, avoiding under eyes at all costs. It doesn't matter how amazing your foundation or powder is, once you're in your 40's most powder looks frightening.

For me, one of the most lovable things about this foundation is that it's very climate adaptable. It looks the same in dry and humid climates and doesn't make a giant ugly mess when I sweat—which is often because I live in the tropics. Somehow it all just seems to blend together without color streaks or lines. It's like magic.

Pros and Cons

As much as I personally love this foundation and think everyone else should love it too, I understand that it might not be for everyone. Following is a list of pros and cons to consider before purchasing.


  • The silky formula is easy to apply with fingertips, foundation brush, or sponge.
  • The finish is natural and soft with modest illumination.
  • It lasts all day without an obvious need to retouch.
  • It has simple color selection featuring a mere 18 beautiful colors to choose from (might also be a con).
  • The coverage is buildable without looking like icing.
  • It has light-diffusing properties.
  • It's easy to blend into skin and with another shade.
  • It lasts for months because you don't need to pile it on for beautiful results.


  • At about $40, this foundation does not come drug store cheap.
  • It has the potential to get messy if you're packing it around with you.
  • It only has 18 shade choices, which some people might find limiting.

Maybe I'm biased, but for my skin and beauty vision, the cons are minor.

This is the only foundation I have found acceptable in the past five years and as of this review. I just learned that it might be discontinued! So, that is disappointing. I'm hoping that isn't true but if so, I will be stocking up.


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