Best Eye Shadow Hues For Deep Brown Eyes

Updated on April 18, 2016

Which Shades Will Enhance Deep Brown Eyes?

Brown eyes are very common and versatile when it comes to eye makeup application. Brown is a neutral color and most shades will make your eyes pop but women with deep brown eyes can enhance their look by applying shades of purple, green, and gold.


Did you know shades of purple are most flattering in combination with brown eyes? Purple happens to be my favorite color and I love applying rich plum hues to contrast with my deep mahogany eyes. Bluish tinted purples match perfectly with warm brown.

Gold or Bronze

Brown-eyed beauties can soften and lighten their sultry dark eyes with the high-shine and brilliance of golden shadows. Gold and bronze shades will help you create a bold eye look, and will stand out if you're attending a night-time event. The gold hues will highlight the golden flecks in your gorgeous brown eyes.


Shades of cool blue hues contrast beautifully and will make your chocolate brown eyes pop! Blue will make your baby browns will appear bigger and brighter!

Neutral Shades

If you're going for a natural, everyday look, choose neutral shades to enhance your baby browns. Light browns will help make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Darker browns will minimize your eyes and add definition and shape.

Metallic Shades

I love pairing metallic eyeshadows with my brown eyes. Metallic hues perfectly highlight brown eyes and the best shades to wear are metallic gold, bronze, pink, and shade of brown. Metallic do an excellent job of drawing attention to your alluring brown eyes and are ideal for bold, night time looks.

Pro-Tips For Enhancing Your Baby Browns

Mix Complimentary Colors: Shades of gold and purple pair very well together and both will make your eyes pop! Try different color pairings to determine what works best for you!

Wear False Eye Lashes: False eyelashes help bring attention to your eyes and pull the entire look together.

Wear Eyeliner: Try a different shade of eyeliner besides black. Emerald green or cobalt blue eyeliner are perfect choices for enhancing brown eyes.

Wear Mascara: Apply shades like eggplant purple or navy blue to pull off an intense look. Opt for brown mascara when you want more of a natural, daytime look.

Try Different Color Palates to Enhance Your Brown Eyes


  • Light Gold - Highlighter
  • Deep Gold - Eyelid
  • Dark or Shimmery Brown - Contour


  • Light Purple - Brow Bone
  • Medium Purple - Eye Lid
  • Dark Purple - Lash Line

Eye-Shadow Tutorial for Deep Brown-Eyed Beauties

Which Shade Do You Love Applying To Your Deep Brown Eyes?

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