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60+ Easy Summer Nail Art Designs

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Summer Nail Designs

Temperatures are rising, and sunnier days are here. Unique summer nail designs are usually the ones created by you. When summer arrives we tend to take layers off and wear short sleeves and open-toe shoes.

Customize your nails to match the outfit you wear. Whether you want to opt for hot pinks or flowers, there are so many designs. You can purchase nail stamping kits or nail decals if you would rather not free hand the designs yourself. These summer nail designs will get you feeling the bright sunny rays in no time.

Palm Trees

Take your talons on a trip to the ocean with this breezy design featuring a dreamy pale peach background and finished with a large palm tree. These would be perfect for a vacation.

Pretty Petals

A pretty petals design on nails screams summer. Add a bright-colored background and you are all set for a beach vacation. You could even add white polka dots for a nice contrast to the brightness of the pink.

A Summer Sky

Sky-themed nails are perfect for your happy sunny days. Your thumb could be painted with a happy sunny face while the ring finger is painted with dreamy clouds. A daisy on the index finger simply screams summer.


Sun Glasses

For a cool look, opt for painting sunglasses on your talons. You can use a dotting tool with black nail polish to create the lenses and once dry use a fine tip brush to paint the frames in the colors of your choice.


Beach Design

Capture the sand and the sea with this pretty design. You can paint the base in a beige color like sand, and then the top half can be painted blue like the ocean. Once dry, you can paint on starfish designs in white or use a nail decal if you prefer.



For a design that harks back to the 60s, why not opt for sunflowers. The feature nails can have graphic shapes in black or yellow to really make this an eye-catching set of talons.


Hot Pink

Neon shades are perfect for summer. The hot pink makes this nail design perfect for vacations and days on the beach. For contrast, paint a feature nail in black and decorate it with a hot pink flower.