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40+ Stunning Summer Toe Nail Designs to Show off on the Beach

Get a Pretty Summer Pedi With These Nail Ideas

When summer arrives, layers come off, and open-toed shoes start coming out. In tandem with this, nice nail designs for toes are a must. Most of us are vacationing during this time, too, so we want nails to show off on the beach. If you like, you can match your nails to reflect your outfits and sandals or go with a nautical theme. You can also add toenail rings too.

The first step is to get your feet in good condition by using a foot scrub and some lotion to slough away dry skin. Then you can choose bright-colored nail polish to paint your nails with. Check out these summer toenail designs for inspiration.



Blue is the color of the sea, so it's perfect for summer nails. Choose a light or baby blue to really create those sunshine vibes of the beach.


Nautical Nails

Channel a nautical theme by painting your toenails with stripes and an anchor on the big toe. You can paint your fingernails to create a matching set. This is a really fun look and would look great if you are going on a cruise.



Get nails that scream summer with neon colors! With a base coat of neon pink polish, you can use a nail art brush to paint the flower on your big toe. You can also purchase a nail decal of flowers for a quicker route.


Blue Hearts

Create a dreamy and romantic look by painting a heart on your big toe. You can have the base coat white to really make the heart stand out. Paint the other nails in the blue you paint the heart in.


Bright Flower

Paint a bold, bright flower with a dark polish to really pack a punch. You can paint the other nails the same color as the flower to set them apart.



To recreate this idea, paint a bright base coat on the nail bed. Once dry, you can use a fine tip brush to freehand the design on the big toe. You can use acrylic paint for this, and once it's dry, seal it with a coat of clear nail polish.


Polka Dots

To achieve the dots on this really pretty and colorful design, you can use a dotting tool. Add neon stripes with a fine tip brush.


Bright Pink

Create a tropical vibe with hot pink nail polish. Then you can use bright colors to add designs such as flowers and dots.


Blue Silver Toe Nail Art

This is almost like a reverse French manicure. It's really striking and would look great on vacation. Paint your nails in a shade of blue that you like, and then use a fine brush dipped in silver to finish the design.



To get your nails looking fab for vacation, paint them in a strong peach tone. You can then add a pretty and delicate floral design on the big toe since this nail has the most space. This design will look great with flip-flops on the beach.


Green and Pink

For a stunning combination, paint one foot with pink nail polish and the other with green nail polish. These colors work really well together and will give your nails a totally different look to the norm.


White With Peach Ombre

Ombre is such a cute design for nails. Especially when it’s done with shades of Peach nail polish on a white background, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.



Reds always look great on nails. Complete the look by painting a delicate white heart on the big toe using white acrylic paint and a fine tip brush.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.