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90s Babes Rejoice: Butterfly Clips Are Apparently Cool Again

Dang, I knew I should have saved those.

We can all agree that the 90s were a confusing time for fashion, but one element was pretty ubiquitous: nothing was subtle. From the mix-matching patterns to the bright Lisa Frank folders, the 90s were a time for playing with color, sizes and style. One thing that young girls in particular probably remember is the flapping butterfly winged hair clips we’d slip into our slicked back buns. And guess what ya’ll? They are making a comeback.


TikToker @mleeemily, who typically does Squishmallow content, took a foray into the beauty world when her mom got her these cool clips and she just had to share them with the world. Because you know, she though they were *new.* Yes, that’s right, we are officially in the space where things that were cool when we were younger and making stealthy comebacks.

“The joy of watching Gen Z discover butterfly clips,” quipped one commentator, who very much remembered the height of their popularity.

Aside from all the nostalgia going on in the comments, fellow Gen Z-ers were enraptured by this accessory, begging her to ask her mom where she got them.

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Currently you can snag them on Amazon for just $7.99

We can’t wait to see the looks Gen Z pulls off with them.

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