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Artist Shares Simple Hack For Getting Eyeshadow To “Pop”

You never knew your eyeshadow could look like this

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There’s nothing like going to the store to get some hair dye or some eyeshadow, believing the entire time that the color is going to look on you just like it does on the packaging, only to come home and realize that it…doesn’t. Ugh.

As far as hair dye goes, the box can be pretty misleading because, if you plan on going lighter (and your hair is darker), rarely does it lift without some hair bleach. But what about your eyeshadow? What should you do if you want it to stand out? Well, @michellekdoria has a few suggestions.

Watch Video Here

Swooning. While she’s talking, I’m literally swooning because her eyes are definitely popping but, at the same time, she didn’t overdo it. I like that. A lot.

And while I was aware that applying concealer to your eyelids is the way to make your eyeshadow not only stand out more but last longer, what she hipped me to was the fact that white concealer is what you need to really amplify your color.

Right now, white concealer is so popular that a lot of major publications are saying that it’s one of the best things going right now. So, if you’ve been frustrating yourself because you haven’t been able to make your eyeshadow look as bright as you want it to, now you know what you need.