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Watch Woman’s Wrap Trick For Getting Beach Towels To Stay And Look Cute

Channel your inner beach goddess

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Here’s my first question: Do folks actually wrap themselves up in beach towels? While checking this video out, that was the first thing that came to mind because I always thought that sarongs were more people’s speed. If I happen to be the last to know, you know what they say — you learn something new every day and this goes on the list of mine.

Watch Video Here

As I was watching this, it reminded me of a bath body wrap that I semi-recently purchased because I was sick and tired (then add tax) of getting out of the shower, trying to wrap a towel around me and then getting pissed because the towel always ended up sliding off.

So yeah, I can only imagine how irritating it must be to 1) try and even get a big ass beach towel to stay on your body and 2) try to look somewhat fashionable whenever you do. For both of these reasons, this hack from @caitlinmarie222 is worth sharing because whether you want a (more) convenient way to wear your towel while you’re at the beach or pool or you want to feel more comfortable in your bathing suit when you’re out in public, wearing it this way will work.

Just make sure that you go with a towel that’s made up of a thinner material than say, terrycloth. You need something that’s gonna be thin enough to make all of those twists and knots happen. Oh, and you might want to carry two towels around too. No matter how cute this look might be, I’m pretty sure it’s annoying as all get out to wear it like this after a ton of sand has gotten onto it. Just something to think about. #Elmoshrug