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Fashion Editor Reveals Best Deals for Black Friday Shopping

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Black Friday shopping can be so competitive (and dangerous). You never know if you chose the right place to shop, and it's hard to move in and out of lines. 

Well, this fashion editor revealed the best Black Friday deals and what stores they are at, so you can come up with a game plan and get the best deals.

"As a fashion editor, I have so many deal alerts in my inbox right now," @jamilahadiya said. "You guys wanted a bigger list, so here we go." Sis, we appreciate your generosity and desire to spread the knowledge.

Jamila said that the fashion category covers ready to wear, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, and hats. Whew, so many things. 

She had them separated by categories and even color coordinated her personal favorites. So, not only do we get the deals, but we also get some great fashion advice. 

"The ones highlighted in blue are my personal favorites," she said. "So like Diesel and Revolve." Some of these places we've never heard of, but maybe it's time to venture out and stop being basic.

Jamila even took it a step further to highlight small brands and we love this. Shout out to all the small business, we see you! 

A commenter gave great advice to all those intending to shop for Black Friday. They said, "this is crazy useful, but i’d also like to add a disclaimer: don’t overconsume!!! don’t buy things you don’t necessarily need!!!" 

Are we the only ones who feel like we just gained a new bestie in Jamila? Tell us what stores you're shopping at for your fashion needs.

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