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Here’s How to Give Yourself Bangs Without The Shears

"Temporary bangs" are a thing

My goddaughter wanted bangs a couple of years ago. She has a naturally wavy texture to her hair that already gave her mom and I the heads up that having bangs wasn’t gonna go as smoothly as my goddaughter wanted them to. Still, she was so pressed about getting them that her mother reluctantly agreed — and just like we thought, they ended up looking a hot ass mess. Even to my goddaughter.

Gee, I wish all of us had known about this cool hair hack by @britttanyrose (who puts me in the mindset of actor Kyla Pratt). It would’ve spared us all a lot of heartache and drama.

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Yeah, anyone who hates on this hair hack is truly just being a hater because if all you need is a bobby pin to create some bangs — how can you not wanna give this a shot?

Perhaps the best thing about this tip (besides it being easy as pie) is it’s something that can work on all hair textures and, as she just showed you, hairstyles. I’m sold times a billion on this. And since it only takes 15-30 seconds to secure a bobby pin while it could take up to half a year to grow out some bangs, that’s another reason to try this hack out.

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I’m actually gonna forward this to my goddaughter — just in case she tries to pull that stunt on all of us again. She’s a Gemini, so…she might.

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