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Woman’s Hack For Fixing Broken Makeup Compact Is Pure Genius

From the bottom of every clumsy makeup lover’s heart: Thank you.

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True beauty lovers know it is always worth it to invest in good products. Not just for the sake of your look, but for the sake of your skin and epidermal health. That invariably means for good base products you might be shelling out to a little higher of a price tag. While that in an of itself is a scale and threshold that is personal to each makeup user, one universal truth is there is no grief quite like the one experienced after dropping and smashing said beloved palette or compact to bits.

Luckily, thanks to one handy TikToker, we never have to mourn a lost product again.


In her easy trick, all she does is empty the compact and grind it to a fine dust. She then pours it back into the compact, and sets it by laying a few moist alcohol prep towelettes. She simply lays them over the powder and uses another makeup compact to press it firmly in. When she pull away the towelette, well you’ll have to see that magic for itself. 

And many commentators were thankful for the generous tip. 

“I always used a few drops of alcohol on mine & pressed it down with whatever worked. But omg this is so much more convenient & less messy. Thank you,” wrote one emphatic viewer. 

“How many of these have I tossed in the garbage because they broke,” cried out another.

Thankfully, now you’ll never have to worry about that again!