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Woman Shows You How To "Save A Nail" After You Break It

Now you can keep your clippers in the drawer

Something that my mother (and her mother and the mother before her) passed down to me is some beautiful hands that come with a nice set of long, curvy and strong nails too. Thing is, I’m the kind of person that, if even one of my nails breaks, I will be quick to cut them all of and start all over. I won’t give it a second thought.

Well, until now. According to @michellekhxn, there’s a product out on the market that can “save” a chipped or broken nail. Let’s see how well it’s worked for her.

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Goodness, if you blinked, you were gonna miss what she used. Literally.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m impressed. Her broken/torn nail really does look like new again — and that was before she polished it.

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So, I looked up the product. It’s called Orly Gel FX Builder in a Bottle and it’s a type of nail sculpting gel. Basically, what happens when you apply it to a torn nail is…it’s a lot like when a nail tech puts acrylic over one. It helps to “seal” the nail so that it doesn’t break all the way.

The reviews are pretty good overall. I will give you a heads up that on Orly’s site, the kit will run you $100 before shipping; without the kit, you can cop a bottle of “builder” on sites like Amazon for a little over $20.

Now, as far as whether it’s better to “patch” a nail tear or cut it altogether, many nail techs will probably go with option “B” — but it’s your nails and you’re grown. Just make sure to not be out here running ham with the fixed nail. It’s still not gonna be as strong as the others, OK? Cool.

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