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Temporary Tattoos Can Elevate Your Eye Look To A Whole New Level

This is high-key genius

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Here are some things that butterflies symbolize: transformation, hope, rebirth, change and life. Sometimes they’re also used to represent survivors of sexual abuse. For all of these reasons (and more), I smiled when I saw a very creative way to make eye-makeup stand out.

Just look at what @_.melodious_ came up with and tell me that you don’t love it (if you say you don’t, I totally won’t believe you).

Watch Video Here

Sometimes I want to interview some of these TikTokers to find out what inspired them to come up with their ideas. Even though temporary tattoos have been around for what feels like the beginning of time, I usually chalk them up to things that my goddaughters like to play around with. No more, no less.

But look at how delightful this turned out to be. And I can only imagine just how much more stunning all of this would’ve been if she had added some lashes into the mix! Yeah, I’m impressed. Full stop.

So, if you’re a butterfly fan (or you have some other temporary tattoos hanging around that you’d like to test out), now you’ve got a way to wear them that I’m pretty sure will make you stand out in a crowd.

I mean, how could you not?