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Video Walks You Through How To Remove Small Bumps On Your Chin

You won't have to worry about those pesky things again

Milia. Have you ever heard of it before? If it’s your “something new” for today, that’s all good because I just recently happened upon the info myself. Basically, it’s the small chin bumps that some of us get. What causes it is either the tiny flakes on that part of our body get trapped underneath the surface of our chin’s skin or keratin (protein) builds up in that area.

Now that there’s clarity on what those bumps are, let’s see what @_itsjing says that we should do about them.

Watch Video Here

Y’all, I promise you that when people don’t make it clear what products they are using, I try my best to track them down for you. In this case, I was unsuccessful (hard to read stuff backwards and I didn’t see a product shout-out in the comments). Luckily, though, it doesn’t really matter because the bottom line is exfoliating your chin can help to make the bumps go away.

From what I’ve read and researched, other things that can prove to be beneficial include applying facial peels, steaming your skin and cleansing it with a mild soap — basically doing things that will keep your chin’s pores from clogging up without irritating your skin in the process. Just for the record, I’ve read that products that contain glycolic acid can be really helpful as well.

Now you can get your chin to look as great as the rest of your face. How dope is that?