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Woman Shares Trick For Cleaning Those Tiny Holes Around Your Menstrual Cup

Who knew?

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I CAN’T BELIEVE (and yes, I am yelling it!) how long it took me to ditch the pads and get into a menstrual cup. There is plenty of intel out here about why it’s a wise period option, but I’ll just share why I adore them so. Menstrual cups are comfortable (mine are made out of silicone). Menstrual cups reduce financial stress (if you take care of them, one can easily last for several years). Menstrual cups are great for the environment (no paper waste). Menstrual cups can ultimately make you feel like you’re not even on your cycle.

The only real challenges that I have are 1) I have a heavy first two days of flow and I’m still trying to find cups that are bigger and 2) the learning curve can be a mutha when it comes to figuring out how to put them in properly.

And what about cleaning them? I just boil mine at the end of each cycle and go on about my business. Although I must say that this hack right here is something that I will be adding to my menstrual cup routine.

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If you don’t own a menstrual cup (yet), the @mylenacup channel is right; there are tiny holes that go all the way around it. They’re what help to create a suction, so that your menstrual cup stays in place. And yeah, I guess it would make a ton of sense that after a while (meaning a couple of cycles), it would be pretty easy for dried blood to get caked up in the holes. Not only would that be non-hygienic, it could also affect how the suction works (and pardon the pun but that would totally suck).

Their suggestion? Fill the cup up with water, put your hand over it and then squeeze the cup. That’s so “duh” when it comes to common sense that it’s almost embarrassing.

I would just say that you should probably boil the cup first to disinfect it. And if you’re a bit leery about using straight tap water, pour some distilled water into the cup instead. Other than that, you should be home free with a super clean menstrual cup until your next period rolls around. Brilliant.