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Woman’s Professional Color Analysis Might “Influence” You To Get One Done Too

It’ll surely make shopping easier!

If you’ve always been curious about color psychology, probably the best way to describe is it’s a semi-never-ending study on how color has the ability to impact our feelings and even our actions. When it comes to fashion, color analysis is about figuring out which colors best suit our skin tone.

Although we all have a tendency to gravitate to certain colors, simply because we like them, as you’re about to see in this video (by @laurens.little.library), while trying to figure out which hues look the best on us…not all colors are created equal.

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So, what did you end up thinking worked best for her? I’m not a color analysis expert, but I found myself leaning towards 2,4 and 5 and was actually surprised when they came to the conclusion that “dark warm” was better than “dark cool”. But hey, I guess that’s why the professionals can make up to (around) $400 for a 90-minute session (yes, I looked it up), eh?

The reason why this kind of investment could prove to be worth your while is because a lot of us find ourselves frustrated with our wardrobe thinking that it has something to do with the clothing when it could very well be the color(s). And when the colors aren’t right, that can affect our hair color choices and make-up selections as well.

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If this video did indeed pique your interest, there are color analysis experts just about everywhere. To find one in your area, visit House of Colour’s website (here) to find a consultant in your city/state. It just might be what makes you finally make peace with your closet — just in time for the fall and winter seasons.

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