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Woman Shows You How To Contour A Double Chin...And She's Really Good At It

If you've ever wondered how to make it happen...

I ain’t go no lies to tell y’all. Sometimes I will watch a make-up tutorial that features contouring and I will audibly hear myself saying, “Who told you to do it like that?!” (yep, attitude ‘n all). It’s like some people forget that the purpose of contouring is to play around to shadow and light effects in order to “sculpt” their face. Instead, all they end up with are crazy beige and brown lines everywhere.

That’s why I just had to give @beautykillsmua her props for this tutorial. Her delivery is thorough. And the results are bomb.

Watch Video Here

Honestly, I know she’s speaking to people with full faces but let’s not act like we all haven’t seen folks who don’t have one who have that same make-up line along their jawline (I won’t name no celebrity names). That’s another reason why I wanted to share this post; it’s because I think it’s helpful to do some sort of variation of this no matter what your face size may be.

And what if you’re someone who is just now getting into contouring, period? Thankfully, there’s a wealth of information out in cyberspace that can help you out. Allure has a good read that you can check out here. YouTuber Nina Ubhi has a 13-minute video that you can check out here.

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Contouring isn’t anything to be intimidated by, but it does require some practice and tips. That’s why I’m so glad that we’ve got folks out here like @beautykillsmua so that we won’t be looking crazy in these streets because…again…won’t name any names but (I’m chuckling in my mind, though).

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