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Couple Concocts Cute Way To Decide What To Wear For The Day With Their "Blind Challenge"

She looks great!

I like to people watch. And maybe it’s just me (although I seriously doubt it), but it really does seem like 85.7 percent of couples (yes, I just pulled that out of nowhere) do seem to have a similar style. In fact, there’s a good amount of intel that will back that up. Take the article, “Why Couples Often Start To Look And Sound Alike- 10 Scientifically Proven Reasons”, for instance.

That’s why I was curious if @alesellsgeorgia’s husband was gonna do a good job at selecting her outfit without any input from her during this “blind challenge”. Because if what science says is right…he should…right? Let’s see.

Watch Video Here

Awwwwwh. How precious are they?

OK, back to the task at hand. So, I watched this video where she picked out her own outfit based on what her man put into the basket — and even though she shook her head left and right at the end, perhaps minus the shoes, I thought she looked pretty cute.

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But then I was curious and decided to see if there was another video and there was. In a different one, they flipped roles and her husband picked out her outfit and he actually did a killer job, shoes included (you can watch it here).

So, I guess the biggest takeaway for me was, even if couples don’t have the same fashion sense, when they are emotionally in sync, they oftentimes can amplify one another’s style…because that’s how well they know each other.

A win/win either way.

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