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Wanna See a Male Deaf Make-Up Artist Totally Slay? We've Got You.

He really did kill it, tho

Anyone who’s a diehard fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, they know exactly who Miss Lawrence is. Back in the day, he was a pure comedy sidekick on the show yet he’s also a reputable hairstylist who has worked with everyone from R&B singer Ciara to tennis phenom Serena Williams.

Well, when I first watched this video by @mekviaice, Miss Lawrence is the first person that I thought of (from a physicality standpoint) — and that’s high praise. As someone who self-professes to be the “first deaf make-up artist”, @mekviaice deserves some major props because he’s out here doing the damn thing as far as make-up application goes.

I can’t even figure out what question I wanna ask first because…

· The flawlessness of the skin — DID THAT.

· The perfect blend of eyeshadow shades with the silver eyelids — DID THAT.

· The filling in of the eyebrows — DID THAT.

· The nude lip — DID THAT.

· I ain’t mad at the blonde finger waves either — DID THAT TOO.

I also adore him signing Keyshia Cole’s song here (moving). Yeah, he’s so talented that I scrolled around and found another excellent video where he reminds me of Miss Jackson, for sure (you can watch it here). Again, his knack for creating flawless-looking skin? I think that’s gonna become more and more of his niche if his name keeps getting out there.

And that’s why I wanted to make sure that we did our part to make that happen — because when someone is gifted and they make sure to push through any challenges so others can see it — that’s the kind of courage and confidence that deserves all of the applause in the world.

We see you, @mekviaice. We see you.

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