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Woman Flawlessly Paints Nails In Moving Car and We Are Seriously Impressed

Can’t deny those skills.

Long car rides can be a total snooze. There are only so many naps to take, books to read, and views to look at before it gets, well, old. A lot of folks write off activities while cruising because of the speed and bumpy terrain, but one nail tech and beauty influencer saw it as the perfect opportunity to challenge herself. Armed with a Le Mini Macaron set that include tools, a gel polish and a mini LED lamp, TikToker @thegraytergood decided to give herself an intricate manicure while riding shotgun on an over five hour trip. The best part? She totally killed it.


After plugging this mini curing lamp into the USB port in the car, she set to work on her base color, After she cured it, she even wove in design elements and patterns most folks couldn’t do while being completely stationary. I mean, just look at those crisp lines!

Those in the comments, she DID admit to having to redo the flower a few times, and told people that she did paint very, very slowly to achieve the look.

Nevertheless we are still thoroughly impressed

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