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MUA Tries Bronzer From the Dollar Store And The Results Are Pretty Impressive

It’s definitely giving sun-kissed vibes

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“You know that my cheap ass is literally always at the Dollar Store.”

The way so many of us can relate to that, right? Although, I must say that unlike @sethobrien, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been “daring” enough to purchase cosmetics while I was there. Since I am a relatively big thrift store shopper and I’m also all about getting a good deal, this video might’ve convinced me to give it a shit (maybe…just maybe).

What I like about this review is he shares pros and cons which is always a good thing. While on one hand, he likes the color that the bronzer provides, the “downside” is it requires several applications to get the look that he’s ultimately after. But hey, when something only costs a buck, how much complaining can you actually do?

All of this reminds me that if saving money is one of your main motivations when purchasing make-up, you may or may not know that you can DIY bronzer from your house. All you need is some cocoa powder, cinnamon and cornstarch (you can find a recipe here). What I like about this option is it’s all-natural. Plus, you can decide how light or dark you want your bronzer to be based on how much of each item you put into it.

But whether you decide to go with a $40 bronzer (yeah, I’ll pass), a Dollar Store one or something of the homemade variety, definitely give bronzer a shot. It can create a glow on your skin in a way that no other cosmetic can. Guaranteed.