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This Is How To Make The Perfect Dress Knot

Cute for flannel shirts this fall season too

Sometimes, you might read a title of one of these things and be like, “It must be a really slow day on the internet because, why would you think it would be important to share something so simple and basic?” Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought when I first looked at what I’m about to show you. That was until I decided to mimic her and discovered that she was actually on to something.

I’d be patronizing as hell if I were to tell you that you should learn how to tie a basic knot (that’s some preschool stuff). But if you want to learn how to create a perfect one (BIG DIFFERENCE), @tiffanyguanuna is about to put you on game.

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I’m telling y’all, if someone were to ask me what the biggest (fashion) hero of 2022 was, it would have to be the hair tie. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve watched that used it as the star feature for the hack.

And she’s right. If you want the kind of knot that is “even looking” and doesn’t have random pieces of material twisting and turning all over the place, a hair tie will help to make that happen. Plus, it doesn’t only work on T-shirts. This is a cute idea if you want to knot up your flannel shirts as well.

Give it a shot. I did. And it worked. Brilliantly.