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Just Look At How Beautiful This DIY Braid-Out Is

You can do this while watching TV...

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One of the best things about being a Black woman with natural hair is the styling possibilities are literally endless. That’s because you can do all sorts of creative things to switch up the texture of your hair.

Take braid-outs, for example. This look is what happens when you — well, this post on @cocoasnaturalhair’s IG page is about to show you the process. Check it out.

Watch Video Here

It’s kind of crazy that I’ve been natural for many years now and it’s only been over the past several months that I’ve been wearing braid-outs on a similar regular basis. The main reason why I do it is because it’s a great way to keep the ends of my hair moisturized (all of my hair really but hydrated ends help with maintaining length retention) without applying any heat. Plus, it’s a low manipulation kind of look because, if you wrap this style up well at night (with a satin scarf or bonnet), a braid-out can last for 5-7 days.

Although the basic concept of how to do a braid-out is the same, one thing that I do differently from her is, while it looks like she applied some sort of mousse (or curling mousse), what I prefer to do is use SheaMoisture Smoothie Curl Enhancing Smoothie. The main reason is because it creates a curling effect so that using rollers on my ends isn’t necessary.

So, if you’re looking for a way to elongate your curls while doing very little damage (if any) to your hair in the process, a braid-out is always gonna be the way to go. Hmph. She’s actually inspired me to do one this week. Thanks, girl!