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This May Completely Change The Way You Put On Mascara

We love the end result

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I’m gonna just go ahead and put this disclaimer out there in advance. This is a make-up hack that, after I watched it, I found myself saying — audibly, although I’m alone in my house — “I thought everyone knew this one.” Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Watch Video Here

Hmm. I thought that it was commonly understood that if you want to create a natural bend to your lashes, it’s always a good idea to apply a thin coat to the top of them. No? My bad. *Elmo shrug*

What I will say is after watching this video by @justinascorner is it reminded me of a few other mascara tricks that I’ve learned along the way:

· Try and avoid using the same kind of mascara for your top and bottom lashes. The top needs a brand that provides a thicker coat while the bottom ones are better off one the kind that offers more of a “feathering” effect.

· The best way to layer your lashes is to first apply some everyday mascara in a dark brown or off-black color and then apply a volumizing brand that comes in the darkest black hue that you can find.

· Please stop pumping the mess out of your mascara wand before applying your mascara. All it does is put air into the mascara tube which can cause it to dry out faster. You can also create more clumps in your mascara that way.

· To prevent any smudging before your mascara dries, you can always put a business card between your lashes and your mascara. This is a really great hack if you feel like your eyeshadow is perfect and you don’t want your mascara to mess it up.

· Finally, remember that mascara has an expiration date. Typically, between 5-6 months is when it’s time to get a new tube of it.

Whether it was the video or some of these other tips, I hope you felt like watching this was time well spent because I’m of the personal belief that if you’ve got some mascara and lip gloss on, oftentimes, that’s all you really need.