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Woman Revisits Early ’Emo’ Days By Recreating One of Her Old Looks and We Feel Attacked

Anyone else guilty of rocking this?

Calling all fellow elder emos: You are about the get the cringiest blast from the past. For those of us to piled on the black eyeliner, wore jelly bracelets up to our elbows, and rotated the same four band t-shirts, we definitely had a certain look. And that vibe was brought over wholly into makeup. Unfortunately, back then, we didn’t have fancy YouTubers who embraced alternative looks to show us how to rock cool eyeliner and make our skin glow without looking actually dead. Nope, we had grainy MySpace pics and drugstore makeup to get us by. The end results were about as “glorious” as you could imagine.

To really drive home the point, a fellow elder emo and makeup enthusiast @makeupwithindie revisited her angsty days and recreated her look as she would have as a teen. And TBH we are officially having flashbacks.


As any good emo girl does she begins by piling on the black, both eyeliner and eyeshadow. To truly achieve the undead look, she blends in some pinkish-red shadow around her eyes, and of course slathers her face in two-shades-too-light foundation. Her final look involved some teasing of the hair to give it that lazy rocker vibe, and boom. Suddenly we’re transported to the early 2000’s, all wandering around Hot Topic swooning over the cashier with UFO pants and a lip ring. 

Commenters were simultaneously nostalgic and cringing over her look, noting their own beauty tricks whilst they were growing as an angsty teen.

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“Incorrect, you didn’t burn the eyeliner pencil and you didn’t apply the foundation with your fingers,” joking corrected one commenter. 

“The eyeshadow is too well blended,” noted another.

As in yes friends: It was far worse than this IRL. Now excuse me, I suddenly have the urge to find a mosh pit and pretend I’m the most alternative babe in the world. 

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