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Watch Woman Put On 5,000-Year-Old Eyeshadow

And honestly, centuries later this look is still fire!

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Creative catch a lot of flack for loving makeup. While for some it is deemed the ultimate way to get glam, a lot of “haters” staunchly think it is an oppressive tool of the patriarchy that’s weaponized women into spending their hard earned money on things they don’t need. Truthfully, it’s a little of both, but when you begin putting makeup on because you love it, that’s what makes all the difference. And for anyone obsessed with makeup, just know you are far from alone and there is centuries old proof of it.

Makeup artist Erin Parsons has painted the faces of many modern celebrities, but her passion also draws her into looking make in time for how makeup has evolved throughout the years. In a recent TikTok video, Parsons went back into the past roughly 5,000 years to show folks first hand what products ancient civilizations were smearing all over their faces. 


Parsons recreated the Indus Valley civilizations’ method of grinding Terre Verte (or “green earth”) and mixing with water. It creates a paste that dries a delightful shade of jade. She then uses the ancient technique of smearing soot for dramatic eyeliner to complete the look. There are many theories as to why these ancient peoples wore makeup, beginning with having ancient magical powers to possibly preventing infections.

Of course, today people were  just curious how this ancient product held up throughout the day, and Parsons had happy news to report back. 

“I wiped the green with my finger but couldn’t fit it in the video - it didn’t wipe off!! I was shocked.

Perhaps we ought to take a few news from the Harappans!