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This Pic on Eva Longoria's IG Is a Reminder to Get a Fedora and Maybe Even Create a Hat Wall

If you don't have a fedora yet, what are you waiting on?

Fedoras are everywhere this season. And while most of us would probably unanimously agree that it’s a good-looking hat on both men and women, here’s some history that you might not know. Were you aware of the fact that it made its fashion appearance in the late 1880s on a woman’s head, thanks to a play called Fédora by a French author named Victorien Sardou? He wrote the part for an actress named Sarah Bernhardt. Since then, it’s been associated with things like liberation, assertiveness and I’ve even read that it comes out of the Greek word “theodoros” which translates into “gift of God”.

Hmph. That’s a pretty powerful hat, right? Maybe that’s why so many of us cannot get enough of it to this day. Apparently, this would include actor Eva Longoria.

Dig the hats. Dig the hues. Dig the concept of the picture overall. And while I’m not sure if this is Eva’s slick way of announcing that she’s got a hat line coming out soon or not, I wanted to showcase the shot because…I know a lot of people who don’t think that they look good in hats. But I promise you that a fedora is something to strongly consider — you just need to make sure that you go with the right brim.

For instance, short brims are best on people who have smaller heads. Wide brims will elongate your face if it is thin and if your face is full, they could make your face appear wider. That’s why, unless you already have a collection of fedoras and you know what works best for you, you should purchase them at a physical store and have an associate assist you.

Also, be open to going with other fabrics than felt because the material and color of fedoras can do a lot for you as far as what complements you best too. And try not to go the super cheap route. A fedora looks great when it’s a quality one and, so long as you take care of yours, it can stick around for years to come. How much is a fair price? $60-75 is a good window.

Welp, that’s my fedora plea for the day. Just promise me that you won’t knock it until you’ve literally tried it because…you never know…you might adore yours as much as I do mine and clearly Eva does (all of) hers.

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