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Woman Reminds Us That Eyeshadow Creates Gorgeous Lipstick Shades

Give it a shot. You just might love it.

From what I’ve seen, definitely the hottest hue for this fall season is different shades of red (with plums and deep browns getting an honorable mention). But what if you don’t give AF about following trends or there’s a color that you want to wear on your lips — but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to find it?

Have you ever tried using eyeshadow as an alternative? If not, it might sound weird, but I can personally attest to the fact that it sho ‘nuf does indeed work.

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She’s right. It works. It really does. Plus, it lasts.

Just a few things to keep in mind:

Although @dmarinabeauty said that “priming” your lips isn’t necessary, I respectfully disagree. Eyeshadow wasn’t made specifically for your lips, so it might contain chemicals that could irritate them. Some lip balm or shea butter is a good foundation for them. Plus, it can keep the eyeshadow from drying your lips out.

Not all eyeshadows are created equal. I’ve actually read that FDA-approved mineral make-up eyeshadows aren’t the smartest option, so read the labels to make sure that the eyeshadow of your choice doesn’t apply.

Definitely go for a cream-based eyeshadow on your lips, if you can. It’s got more moisture in it so that your lips will not flake up or appear chapped over time.

Other than that, have a ball because the mixing/blending options are endless when you’re playing around with eyeshadow on your lips. Again, I would know. #wink