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Watch How You Can Create A Show-Stopping Glam Eye

This color combination is stunning

Question: What are you planning to do this weekend? If you’ve got a hot date on the agenda (whether it’s with a significant other or even just hanging out with some of your friends), why not wow them with a new make-up look? If that sounds good to you but you’re tapped out of fresh ideas, I recently saw an eye tutorial that might…tickle your fancy.

Watch this step-by-step breakdown by @eyeshadow_tutorial_. Is it something that you think would look good on you?

Watch Video Here

There are a few things that I appreciate about this 41-second video:

· She’s going slow enough for me to catch all of the steps (some of those TikToks could stand to learn how to do the same. LAWD!).

· She made sure that we all saw what she was applying to create the look. (THANK YOU!)

· Y’all…that shimmer. THAT. SHIMMER. If y’all don’t open up another tab and get you a tube of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, I don’t know what you’re thinkin’! And then she had the nerve to give us a wing eyeliner at the end? STOP IT!

Yeah. This is one of the best eye make-up tutorials that I’ve seen in a minute and it’s perfect whether you’re gonna wear a Henley shirt and jeans or a sexy dress.

Whatever you do…HAVE FUN because, thanks to this vid, it's a given that you're gonna look amazing doing it!