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Here’s How One Woman “Fakes” Being Naturally Good-Looking

The steps are super easy to follow

I woke up like this. When Beyoncé sang that, on repeat, on her song “Flawless” a few years back, that’s all folks were saying. Hmph, I couldn’t help but her hear in my head as I was checking out a video by @mypawfectfamily. It’s basically revealing a few things that she does “on the sly” to give folks the impression that, when it comes to putting her face (and hair) forward, she barely does anything at all.

How many can you personally relate to?

Watch Video Here 

First up, fake what? This woman is absolutely stunning.

And while none of this comes off to me as being any more “low-maintenance” than the folks who have a 5-10 minute morning make-up routine, what I did appreciate is her five steps are reminders that there are simple things that we all can do to bring out the best in the features that we were born with.

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For instance, I promise you that just getting your eyebrows waxed or sugared can take your face to new heights and taking care of your skin can make it less necessary to feel dependent on concealer or foundation.

Anyway, nothing real deep here. Just a reminder that you can be beautiful without doing a ton of stuff.

A little bit can certainly go a long way. Indeed.

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