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Video Shows What Happens When You Put A Small Twist To Your Fall Sweaters

Quick. Easy. Cute.

I promise you that I have never seen more sweater hacks than I have over the past several months. I mean, some of these TikTokers have come up with such creative ways to upcycle the look that they deserve big-time “How Did You Come Up with That?” awards.

However, when it comes to the prize for the simplest and quite possibly the most obvious, my hat goes off to @khloekatera right here.

Watch Video Here

I’ll be real with y’all — it probably wouldn’t have mattered what she did because, between that hair, those frames and her overall vibe, I was gonna find a way to give her some online love regardless.

As far as the hack goes, I appreciate her acknowledging that the hole in the back can kind of give off the appearance that, you, well…didn’t put your sweater on all of the way (I’m still working it all out in my mind). But I do agree that if you are going to attempt this, a crop sweater is best — and probably the simpler the sweater is, the better.

If y’all have some suggestions for how to make this look even more “on purpose”, please share. In the meantime, I’m seriously thinking about hittin’ her up to see where she got those frames from ‘cause…GIRL.