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Here’s How To Get "Filter Lips" IRL

This looks super real

Y’ALL. Sometimes a trend will come across my monitor that will have me be like, “I mean I get it…but…not really?” That’s kind of how I felt when I was hearing so many people talk about “filter lips”. But I understand now — it’s a lip hack that mimics the pillow effect that a particular Instagram filter creates for lips…right? RIGHT? LOL.

As I was looking for the backstory on it, I realized that a video by @valeriya.eros explained how to DIY the look at home. So, if you’re interested, she’ll only take roughly 30 seconds of your time.

Watch Video Here

OK, so if I am indeed on the right track, I’ve got to give it to her — her lips do look a lot like the filter. Now as far as the filter itself goes, I’m curious to know y’all’s thoughts because — is it just me or do the lips look a little cartoonish this way?

Also, whenever folks draw over their Cupid’s bow, it can be tricky because, unless the lip liner is much darker than their skin tone, oftentimes it looks, well, drawn over. And now that I’m in a streams-of-consciousness mindset about all of this, I think I wanna see this with a red, purple or even midnight lip color.

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For now, though, if you’re like me and you low-key wondered what a filter lip was or you had no idea how to create one, now you’re fully informed. 

What can’t TikTok teach us, chile?

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